Orlando/J-Ville Clash 08/30/08, 9pm, Rockys Replay

Orlando/J-Ville Clash

Rockys Replay
1121 State Road 436
Casselberry, FL 32707
Phone: (407) 260-0043

Game fee : $5-10 depending on who is willing.

Venue fee : None

Main Game: MvC2 on Arcade
Other games to play while you wait : Max Tune 3, DDR, Inital D 4, Tekken 5 DR, when all else fail, drink beer!

In honor for those coming down, I thought it would be appropriate to annouce a tourney at Rockys Replay. Since I went ahead and ask the manager about this, the only game as of now is MvC2. We have 2 machines, 50 cents to play (hence why it is only $5 to enter and no venue fee)

Depending on the # of people, it will be RR format or bracket. Casuals and MMs are fine before 9pm. Any questions, please post.


And all the Jacksonville players will be at Eder’s if anyone wants to get at us.

Mike for real, talk to Eder. No one wants to play at Rocky’s but you :rofl:

you’ve never gone… Have a oil faith… And he’s sitting next to me playing.