Orlando Pulse Nightclub Shooting: Largest Mass Shooting in US History


I think we need a thread for this.



Can’t wait for the religious heads to come in here and denounce homosexuality like usual because REASONS.


I think it’s funny how in perspective this puts gay rights when conservatives like to make it seem like gays are “taking over” and want to impose homosexuality on society when in actuality they are still the targets of multiple hate crimes and social injustice, they can’t even have their own space to express themselves.

The idea is murdering a field of patrons in a public place is horrifying.

And gun control is just a real joke. Why is it so offensive to take away guns in the us? Why white ppl in the south so sensitive about their guns?


But i wanted to keep discussing it in the lounge. lol


I have a lot of LGBTQ friends that this is really affecting. I hate being out of state right now. I want to be with them to support them when they’re struggling with this and wondering why someone would do this.



Better this thread than the lounge tbh.


Innocent people lost their lives simply because the gunman didn’t like the idea of seeing two men kissing in public… Homophobia at its finest…


Clearly we need stronger gun laws right anti-gun bros? That wouldve stopped this guy from illegally obtaining his guns


I’m not sure why either of you acting like the discussion in the Lounge is going to suddenly stop just because Bious made a thread for it. If that was the case, then I would have made a thread for this as soon I woke up and heard about it.

Still, you’re free to make a thread. Just don’t be surprised when it gets hijacked by either the usual abortive gun-discussion or the usual abortive religion discussion (or both), especially with regards to the latter’s general views towards non-heterosexuality as far as monotheism is concerned. I’ll refrain from going “I told you so” when the thread likely gets closed because of said masturbatory hijackings and just leave that to @Preppy since I’m lazy like that.


i associate this more with mental illness than homophobia. if it wasn’t a gay bar it would have been something else the guy didn’t like.


I don’t think this was done over a religious crusade against homosexuals, this was purely terrorism being done. Another Isis fan shit head. Sadly, a thread like this will dissolve into useless anti-gun debates or anti-religious egos. I think the best form of discussion is on the topic as to why the Isis are still alive, they all should be bombed out of this world.


People talking about gun laws with this gay club shooting but they missing the obvious answer. If we make homosexuality and LGBT illegal then there wont be gay clubs to shoot up. Pretty obvious solution to me


isis was formed from us attempting to bomb the taliban out of the world. bombs do not help win that type of battle.


Huh? The guys own father said he didnt like seeing gay guys kiss not too long ago, and then this. Mental illness is a give in for anyone who commits acts like this, and acts in part of a radical religious movement. What it is, is still anti gay, radical islamic terrorism.

Its orlando. The fact that of all places he chose to go to, to light shit up was a gay bar, is pretty specific on his terrorist agenda.


So make the right for people to love whoever from whatever gender illegal…
What kind of non-thought bullshit is that?


I’m not sure if this if Florida, 2016 or just some other bullshit.


Part of their crusade is being anti homosexuals though. The fact that homosexuals were targeted in orlando and san francisco (they prevented the san fran one) shouldnt be downplayed at all. Its radical islamic terrorism, and this time with a very specific target.

Its not like its unheard of for radical islamic extremist to target gays. Its not even unheard of for run of the mill muslims to target gays. Being anti gay is a rather openly expressed, and constantly expressed view of radical religious groups.


NickRocks is Donald Trump.


Hes trolling. Stop it. lol


The real weapon of mass destruction is ignorance and intolerance.