Orlando Round Robin results 8/29/03


Fun tournament!

  1. Adam “Sugarman” Burghardnt - Scrub (w/ Cyc as well), Santrax, Sentinel teams.
  2. Eder Resendez - Storm/Cable/Sent or Tron, Sent/Cable/BH
  3. TIE!

Pete - MSP, Storm/Sent teams.
Robert “Shitboi” Lugo - XCopied Eder teams.

  1. Ben “BshidoHEAT” Acosta - Team HEAT, MSP, Sent/Cable/Cyc
  2. TIE

James “First Attack” Frances - Santrax, Scrub
John - MSP, Mag/Sent/Psy, scrub.

-Robert’s nick name! :lol:
-Finals where 3 out of 5, Adam wins 2-3 with Cable/Sent/Cyc countering Storm/Cable/Tron.
-Eder destoyes Adam in the 4th game with some nasty Storm/Sent rushdown. :eek:
-I still have yet to beat Robert, with MSP… that is my vow for the rest of my marvel career. :lol: I will beat him with MSP!!!
-I beat Eder pretty bad in our first game, within an inch of Storm’s life he hit me! :bluu:
-2nd game Eder gets almost perfect on me!! With a 77 second win! :eek:

  • I come back 3rd game with nasty Sent/Doom stuff (unblockable off of the rocks being one of them) against his Cable/Sent.
    -Eder gets beat by Robert in their rounds, but Eder gets back at him beating him in the semi finals! He also beat Pete.

Some good solid stuff from everyone, peace! :wink:


Man that shit was bunk, I didn’t have my stick and had to play on those tight ass 360. But that’s ok, my 360 came yesterday and I already got it installed. Just give me a little bit of time to practice on that shit and y’all gonna get stomped next time.


I miss orlando :frowning: