Orlando Thread:CEO 2011 Early Bird Ends Monday

New Orlando Thread…

Discuss Marvel Midnight release parties

2/20/2011 Cafe Alma will have a SSF4 and MVC3 tourney

i won’t be getting it till the next day… HURRAY VALENTINES!!!

I plan on playing it on XBOX 360 cause Live > PSN and with that game Lag will make a huge difference.

Irvyn I have a special friend at a gamestop that will let me know when they get their copies in and will get it to me. Could be Monday morning, could be the week before, I’ll have a game night as soon as I get it.

I won’t be getting it

System of choice seems to be PS3 because, again, Majors and tournaments are running on PS3. Online play is irrelevant. Come on organizer step your game up.

I and my sources may be wrong but Evo may have marvel on 360
This year. Again take that with a grain of salt.

PS3, will be fun. Will have thursdays available unless I work to head over to Nestors or whoever hosts at the time for some MvC3 and AH3. Finally something other than Street Fighter (and BB) YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

I’ll be on ps3, MAHVEL

Xbox for me no stick for ps3 plus the ps3 is just blu ray player that plays killzone 3 lol

Also me and wifey discussed the marvel 3 v-times day deal. Lol

Yeah… my dad has his birthday on v-day, my girlfriend maybe working, I’m picking up marvel a few hours before release, but I also maybe working. I think I need to have the discussion.

Me and Jeff will just double-dip as usual. I’ll do 360 and he’ll do PS3. I got sticks for either system, so I have no vested interest in what standard emerges.

Hey, put me down for an extra copy if you can. Either or, I will have this game on release date.

PS3 for me since Im getting rid of my 360. Check it out: Xbox360 Elite Bundle

In case anyone is interested, Amazon has MK9 for pre-order for $56.99 with $0.99 release date delivery.

Marvel 3 also has the same shipping deal and the Special Edition is $66.99.

how much for the xbox + SSFIV?

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Rocky’s Mass Email that just came in just as an fyi…

Rocky’s Update and New Location Info

Over the past year and half, we have had a difficult time adjusting after being imminent domained by the FDOT and removed from our original location on 436. We found a location a mile away from the original store in the short time frame we were given to relocate, and while it was much larger and had potential, it was not the Rocky’s we wanted nor that you wanted. We appreciate you guys sticking with us during that difficult time and your loyality and patronage is what made us fight harder to get back to what made Rocky’s a great place to be. While we struggled without beer, when we lost the ability to allow smoking inside is what did us in.

Today is the day where we take steps forward to getting back to what everyone wanted. Back in Novemeber 2010, we were able to buy into and merge with The Original Devaneys Sports Bar in Winter Park. Along with this merger, we acquired another bar (Smokin’ Devaneys II) in the plaza that was recently closed down and available to move into. We have remodeled it and as of today - Wednesday, Jan 26th at 12pm, we are back open for business!!

So here’s the info:

We are located inside Smokin’ Devaney’s in the Winn Dixie Shopping Plaza on the Corner of University Blvd and Goldenrod, near Tijuana Flats.

7620 University Blvd
Winter Park, FL 32792

Hours of Operation are:
Sunday-Thursday: 12pm-12am
Friday/Saturday: 12pm-1am

Be patient as our website is currently getting updated. As alot of you already know, this is a much smaller location than the last. However, we have packed the best of our games in (based on what was most played) and have a bar with 8 beers on tap and many other bottled beers, and smoking is permitted all day - just like the original store. In fact, we have a new location opening special of $2 Red Stripe/Red Stripe Light bottles!!! We also will continue to carry Pepsi Products, Yoo hoo, and hotdogs and chili dogs!!

Another advantage to this is that Original Devaneys is located in the same plaza and wings, burgers, fries, sandwiches can be ordered there or from Rocky’s!! We also have additional Rocky’s games located inside of Devaneys like Air Hockey, Darts, Big Buck Safari, NASCAR, and more! Rocky’s tokens or quarters are still being used for our games at either location.

While we understand that this decision is not very popular to our family/kid crowd, we did try to make the last store more kid friendly and it nearly put Rocky’s out of business. Therefore, Rocky’s original policy of 18 & up only after 7pm will be in effect.

We hope this new move has brought happiness back to our most loyal patrons.

Rocky’s Replay Team

SF4 is the only game I’ve played on the PS3 that has any lag issues, and that’s long distance connections.

XBL has the same problem with some typically PS titles… like I heard Tekken on XBL is awful.

Hooray for Rocky’s


Also, this.

And here’s a reminder for CEO Barfights on the 12th…