Orlando Thread: We Want More Dive Kicks!

New thread, same results.

Orlando’s Free List:
Anthony Wright
Carlos Martinez
James Reyes
Jeff Reed
Ian Shotton
Orlando Suber (Super Free. Actually owes you an excuse a match)

New comers please gain your wins from the people from the free list.

That is all…

Crazy man! Glad to see your doing your homework too :).

I’m going to leave this right about…here -> BUMP!

Man, that shit is waaaay too short-notice for me to make it.

Oh, those are fightin’ words, Shusty. A little more like that and I might actually start doing my homework in something other people play!

I’m running android 2.2 on my HD2 with dual boot for winmo so nothing you say matters to me. NOTHING!

Actually, I’m looking to get a new phone soon. I might go for the HTC EVO.

If I had the option, I’d probably have gone with that device. But as an AT&T customer, I opted to go with the iPhone4. To be honest, it’s surpassed my expectations in just about all areas — my main gripe though is the battery life. HOLY FUCKING SHIT! I feel like my phone has a leak and I can literally see the life draining from this thing. If I have an app open (usually Words With Friends), it depletes ridiculously fast. I have to keep this fucker plugged in to my PC, laptop or a wall charger at just about all times to feel confident that it won’t completely shut down on me at any given time. That, plus the lack of Flash support, are the major setbacks I see thus far. But all in all, a fantastic phone with a shit load of great features. Keep me posted about your EVO when you get it, Torrin, I still like to hear pros and cons of higher end devices :slight_smile:

P.s. - portable porn on iPhone is gdlk.

You don’t touch a man’s PS3.

Currently, EVO is the best phone available. If it weren’t on sprint I would have waited for it. I’m glad I didn’t though since the major reason I was really waiting was to run android and I’m doing that now. The phone is a beast. Orlando is getting spurts of 4G at the moment, but once it fully kicks in it will be more than worth it. Tether that sumbitch and you’ve got a cheap, fast (when you have 4g) wifi mobile hotspot. Get yourself a cheap friends and family style plan, set up a free google voice account and add that to your list and you won’t have to worry about using minutes unless you make a call from your real number.

I recently installed a winmo app that searches flash sites and downloads vids. My phone is overflowing with naked fat bitches.

Lmao, you win Anthony :lol: :lol: :lol:

Does anyone else notice that all these stupid things that happen in internet news articles happen in Florida?

Not all of them, John. Just an astoundingly, depressingly great deal of them.

its called the theory of florida or germany. all crazy stories come from either florida or germany, fact.

Super Free…You mean Ultra Free(on xbox) play me on ps3 all that tough talk goes away…

Should be expected from the geographic equivalent of a wang.

Ben let’s play some dark awake online whenever you get a chance

Four players. FOUR? You sent only four players yesterday. Orlando you be slackin’.

A general goes to war with the army he has.

Not everybody has the luxury of weekends off, my friend.