Orlando/UCF First Generation Results/5/23 Results


Orlando/UCF First Generation Results/5/23.

Great tournament, Great Turnout as usual, Since the director is busy I’ll just post results for those curious til he can add on or Give me to edit mine.

MvC2-30 entries
1st- Alex Garvin(Gainesville)
2nd-Adam Cliffton(YOP/Orlando)

CvS2-36 entries
1st-Alex Jebailey(Guinness)
2nd-Cheng Chung Chow(Folken)
3rd-Jose V(Latin Fury)

3rd Strike-30 Entries
1st-Alex Jebailey Guinness(Elena Wins it)
2nd Nathen(Silvergear)
3rd-Cheng Chung Chow

GGXX-Approx 30 entries
2nd-Alex Garvin
3rd-Pete Susini(Flash Metroid, Sorry buddy for the mistake)

SC2-8 entries
(I got 4th lol, Can’t believe Jeff won this, I forget the 2/3 place.)

All tourneys went smoothly, As for 3rd strike, Come On Nathan I thought you were supposed to be good
;), It was nice taking your 5 bucks Oh yeah and Getting a PERFECT:cool: on your Q( It was fun playing with you 3s for the first time as well, thanks for all the tips and even the help on how to beat your buddy’s Hugo:lol:.
Thank you to Leland(Shocky) and Ryan(slepinir) For teaching me 3s in 3 weeks time.

Thanks to everyone who came out Yesterday, we enjoyed your company.

To the PSL guys, I’d really like to see Nathen and I’s Finals matchups in 3s, any chance you’re gonna put them up on the net, I’d really appreciate it. And Cvs2 finals as well since you have them, I wanna watch me beat Cheng 3-0 again :lol:.


about the tapes…Matt (acesmith5) has them.
ill get him to encode them and put them on the web as quickly as possible.

Does anyone have the full results???
and when is apex gonna be updated with 'em???

P.S. me and silvergear will call you saturday when we get into town.
P.P.S. any word from rick yet??? :smiley:


YOP GOT 2ND?!?!?!

This was one fucked up tournament…




OMFG WTF Happened

Alex fuking Jebailey won 3S…Noooooooo Gear WTF. Was it a beat down or was it pretty close? Props to Jebailey he owns u all!!!

ECC Update: Me and Dwayne are out we got like 6 deep. Everyone here is mad good. So far Trent and Alex N are undefeated. Trent has beaten some fuking awesome ppl. He beat the best in Canada. That guy is fuking awesome, he has beatin Qwuazy and Will Martin from New york and both are great players as well. Today Trent will most likely be fighting Justin wong or the guy fro Canada for Region 4 finals.

Alex is also doing well, He has had one close match where he almost lost. A hibiki vs A bison…he was Hibiki:eek: Mike is also doing well he OCV Justin Wong in the team tourney. He is the est sand bagged ever too.:evil: :lol: Well We have to go finish this up Il post more tonight if I can.

Alex Jebailey is the Fuking Man, U have to give him respect now. Un fuking Stoppable!!!


Rick I stayed unbeaten til Winners finals not losing a single round or match, then Nathan came back through Losers, In total finals, He beat me first set 3-2, then I beat him 2nd set 3-1, He couldn’t handle my Elena lol. He never used Q against me, guess that perfect on his Q told him that was a no go. It was a great finals, acesmith recorded it, you need to watch it.

Anyways awesome for Trent and Alex, I hope they’re holding it down, Enjoy the rest of the weekend, Can’t wait to see you guys back and hear all about it. Good luck.


Ahem match yes - round no. I got a perfect on you before you came back to beat me.

Also Rick all rounds except finals for third strike was one match instead of 2 out of 3 like it was in Gainesville.


OMFG WTF Happened

I’m just curious, which canadians are you talking about ? arcadekid (the p-grouve master), william (team a-grouve vega-rolento-someone else), or temujin (best a3 player in canada) ?

who’s still in the cvs2 brackets ? any canadians ? :slight_smile:

edit : ops, I forgot that some peeps from toronto went to ECC8 as well, I was just talking about team montreal :lol:


Loser brackets was 2/3 buddy lol. And yes good job on your perfect against me when we fought. Just felt like giving you false hope :lol:.

Don’t matter anyways I have bragging rights cause I only been playing 3rd Strike for 3 weeks and now the best in florida since that was the biggest 3s tourney ever here BWAHAHAHAAHAHA.


Nah I let you win because I didn’t want to play Leland in the tournament. :smiley:


Are you only posting the top 3 b/c I wanna c what I placed in MvC2…


a complete result will be posted late today. Just wait a little bit longer…:slight_smile:


a complete result will be posted late today. Just wait a little bit longer…:slight_smile:


i held it down with the DC controller, LOL anyway, jimmy was whooping ass through losers, me and alex walked through winners, then i got sent to losers by ALex G, then i beat jimmy and went back to get owned by ALex G again lol, over all fun… DC controller pwnage :cool:


Guinness has gotten quite the big head after his tournament victory… You’re just lucky that you never ran into me during your tourney run. You’re Elena can’t beat mine and I haven’t played the game in 2 months. It’s ok that you stole some of my moves cuz I mean that’s how we get better right? Course your Ken on the other hand…is like every other Ken I play. :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:


Oh alright bitch lol, Let’s do it next time we meet, 3/5 20 bucks Elena Vs Elena match. And I didn’t take any of your tricks lol, I had to learn her myself.


I would almost take you up on that offer, but it doesn’t help I just shelled out $400 for tuition for the summer. Plus I have no way to practice for something like that, since you know, I’m the only person in Gainesville that actually plays the game. Can’t learn much from playing the computer and training mode bores me to death. At least you have Rick to play whenever. My Elena will sit and wait till the next tournament before she decides to step out again.


Orlando/UCF First Generation Results/5/23.

Well, we have limited webspace and bandwidth so I can’t put up everything.

I’m working on it all right now. Don’t worry though, I’m enconding all the footage into divx avi format to put on cds. If you want one I can hook you up.

As for the site, well I had planned on putting up the 3s finals first and seeing how it goes from there as far as bandwidth. Unfortunately, I only have 56k here at home, so you’ll have to wait till I go to work again before they get put online. So Tuesday morning will the be earliest.


Re: Orlando/UCF First Generation Results/5/23.

Just take down some of the matches like ST that’s on your site now, Nobody cares for those anymore I guess. But Yeah I’d like them all on a cd or something that would be nice. Or give the cd to a friend with a fast connection and aim them to me, As for WWN.com, I’d prefer the 3s finals matches against Nathan rather then Cvs2. Thanks man.

And Van, No problem ignore my money post then. We’ll do an Elena retirement match instead :lol: :lol:


Re: Re: Orlando/UCF First Generation Results/5/23.

Well yeah, those ST matches don’t have any bearing on any decisions I would have made. Nobody downloads them anymore.