Orlando vs Gville MVC2 results


Thanks for Gville for comming out, it was pretty cool seeing everyone again since last time. (which was a while back)

Anyway results!

  1. Mike"Mixup" Mixson - Santhrax, a bunch of Magnus counter teams.
  2. Erik “DBS” Johnson - Santhrax, a bunch of Magneto teams.
  3. Arnie (from P.Rico) - Sent/Cable/BH, Scrub.
  4. Justin “Blaziniflo” Zhou - Santhrax, Scrub
  5. Eder Resendez - Eder Teams :lol:
  6. Ben “BshidoHEAT” Acosta - Team Bshido, MSP.

A really cool tournament, Mixup is a beast. I swear, always counter teaming :lol: And it never ceases to amaze me on how fast he adapts and his execution is almost flawless.

PR’s own Arnie represented hard this tournament, doing with a very unusual team (Sent/Cable/BH). Good games man, have a safe trip home (as if you’ll see this :lol: )

Justin eliminates Adam early in the losers, and eliminates Eder in the semis. And then refuses to play Eder in money matches again! :lol:

Once again, I’d like to wish everyone that’s going to Evo good luck, since I didn’t say it in person. Have fun guys :wink:


How much peepz entered?


this was a really good tourney with some really close games. 16 people i think entered and it took place at ricks house on 2 tv’s. It also marks the beginning of a local tournament scene around here. Every 3 weeks on sunday we’re having an orlando vs gainesville(with jacksonville/tampa thrown in there when they can make it)

The next tourney should be in gainesville right?

Anywho, mag/doom doesn’t counter sent/cyc ben ;p

oh and gainesville has won the past TWO times that we’ve faced orlando

this time erik"DBS" finally took eder the cheddar out of the tournament(well put in losers but good enough)!!

AND Justin Blaziniflo pulls out team gotta eat to beast on adam and take another win from orlando.

I was impressed with arnie’s patient play as well, unique style…

Until next time guys


p.s best tournament that we’ve had in a long time imo


Good Job Mike…See you at Evo…


what is team bshido?


good job mike

See you at EVO. I was wondering what happen to erik I was thinking he had retired or something.
Anyway good job erik and justin.



Fuck that Tampas getting Hungry…Big man wanna eat


Potter, Team Bshido is Doom/Storm-Y/Sent-A. Rocket punch is fun!

EDIT: I actually pick Sent/Storm/Doom so that way I can start any order.

Man, had to play when you and Adam played. I wanted to watch you and Adam play but I couldn’t because SOMEONE coughdbscough wanted to play… and I still ended up losing :lol:


Arnie! Hold that shit down! You know I still eat you for lunch :smiley:

BTW, Cesar quedo top 3 en el ultimo torneo, pero no top 2, aunque dice que jugo por joder que le teniamos el huevo hinchao. Llamame jodia sucia, SEKTA.

Edit: Happy? :slight_smile:


WTF :wtf:

How the hell did most of all the GainesVille people end up so up…

oh well… score is GainesVille 2 Orlando 0 but in other chases Tampa 3(:confused: ? ) GainsVille 0:p

Oh yeah Team Demon owns all of you… also version team demon 2.1 is Tronne not Capcom:evil:


God damn, all you guys have to do to be Blaziniflo is pick Dhalsim/Spiderman/Sentinel geez…


it’s justin, uh allen, potter invented demon 2.1 like 2 years ago buddy. And your team is kinda well, okay, it fucking sux. how is tampa 3 g-vill3 0< , WTF.


Yeah I know thats team potts Ben told me already… but hey I think it was 3 since there was 3 tourneies:confused: and we took top 2


you tampa players have never WON a tourney that we’ve entered…ever…


Edit, i just realized i love talking shit to allen a little too much…lol

Thanks for the happy bday wishes guys


Give us a little time were working on it over here.


You can say that about most people in Gainesville. :slight_smile:


Yeah for real.
Has anyone from gainesville other than mixup won a tourney… EVER? lol
Bunch of niggas ridin the coat tails.


they’re placing higher than everyone else recently

They are the best players in florida right now.


Hey now, that was just one tournament, lets see what happens when orlando comes back! :evil:


I stil have my money on these killers

It is marvel tho…