Oro/Akuma matchup info

The most frequent regulars at my arcade are an akuma and an oro player. 9 times out of ten I lose, despite akuma’s small stun bar. I get cornered by akuma, and I dash into a ton of shit with oro. Most of the times he uses the unblockables but sometimes he uses tengu stone too. Obviously the akuma player only uses SAI.

All I know is that sweep, command grab, and obviously shoryu is punishable for oro.

Sometimes the akuma player does some random supers and shit. He’s not a terrible player believe it or not, he has his execution and stuff down, but he can’t do any kara demon stuff. Like I said though he guesses way too often and sometimes he uses sweeps so maybe I will pick up the fp hayate link super art one.

So if anyone can give me some help, let me know what I can punish, or tell me how the hell to parry out of the unblockables, I would appreciate it.

i used to have quite a hard time with akuma, seeing as how his demon flip mixups can be pretty nasty. if he tries jumpins, you can try and parry into karakusa. 2 karakuas with fierce -> ex hayate and he’s stunned. another good option if he’s jumping in a lot, ex fukiage him. if he’s abusing sweeps, punish with a fp hayate or you can dashup karakusa/throw but he’ll probably shoryu you out of that. sa2 vs. akuma for the obvious 100% stun… if you get that, the round is pretty much yours. try using ticks into karakusa, if he starts to catch on and jump away, standard anti jump measures apply. best thing you can do when he’s pressuring you is block low and watch for overheads and throws… don’t try to get cute and parry something random into karakusa. post hayate if he’s hitting you with tatsus, just block.

as for oro, i have no clue since i haven’t played hardly any oro players. watch out for his ex uppercut, try to bait it and punish with karakusa. sa1 is better in this matchup because you can’t 100% stun oro, and i don’t find myself karakusaing oro as much as i’d like to. with sa1 you don’t really need hit confirming, c.lk xx hayate xx sa1 does nice damage, and easy to do.

edit: tech rolls, mix it up with c. fierce and kara karakusas and kara ex oroshis.

I think both oro’s command grab and akuma’s close blocked SAI are punishable with reversal saI.

I know I can punish shoto sweeps with fp hayate but what about oro’s/other characters like chun?

sHK is wonderful against Oro. Destroys his karathrow/closeMP guessing game (makes MP turn into far version), and “hops” over his cr. moves if timed well.
You have to play carefully, Oro’s defensive game is pretty good - as good as Makoto’s dash is, you shouldn’t dash in unless if he’s whiffing something
jumping in can be also quite tedious, Oro has good anti-airs and you should fear his dash under - sMP into unblockable/tengu. Don’t use stupid stuff like random Tsurugi, will get you killed
Be sure to MP fukiage every failed chicken combo attempt
also, I’d play SA1 against Oro. He’s a sucker for sMP -> SA1 link, and you can reverse his close MP and sHP with SA1
don’t try to reverse blocked command grab with sa1, if he distanced it properly you whiff. Use HP Hayate or HP Hayate link to SA1 instead
remember that while it’s hard to get on Oro, Oro can also have hard time getting in makoto. Imho that match is best played by advancing slowly (walking IS an option) covering you up with high priority stuff like cMK, sMP, sHK
Remember that sHP whiffs on a crouching Oro

IF you can read the Akuma player’s moves from which he cancels into demon flip, you can try to EX Fukiage it. A safer option would be to just block low, he can’t flip you and the divekick off the flip can be blocked low. That ruins all his options except the punch and late kick > land > throw. Hmm, something else. If he jumps a lot, use dash to go under it. That’s all I can come up with, haven’t had a chance to play many Akumas.

Thanks for the info so far but to be frank I was looking more for punishers or frame related info.

If you can tell me what is unsafe for either characters that would be awesome. For example, sometimes oro does jump-in late chickens to chicken combo. Without blocking can I punish it?

Also I know that if I parry the akuma special air kicks I can’t karakusa after. So what should I do?

For fukiage vs demon flips unless the demon flip will land just short of mak or knee high you can use ex fukiage (at this angle you can st fp, jab, jumping up/away whatever also)

For demon flip where they will hit higher or in situations the demon flip thow can grab you regular fukiage or cr rh kara’ed jab fukiage is the better option. If you use a ex in this situation you run the risk of it whiffing and leaving you wide open due to its shitty recovery.

2nd while you can crouch block demon flip kick they can most definitely throw you when you crouching. Also while crouch blocking you have to worry a lot more about being crossed up by the demon flip kick.

special air kicks???

I’ll post later with more details of this match up

*edit I should start reading what I type…

Even makoto? I thought she was too short. I probably made concluded the wrong thing from a short training mode session. Thanks for the correction anyway.

c.rh fukiage is it forward, down+RH, down-forward+punch?

Does she move backwards or forwards? Bear in mind I’m still working on the 100% stun and can get the kara fukiage about 80% of the time by itself but have yet to complete the 100% stun combo.

for c.hk either pressing it ala RC or simply finishing and holding df then hk~punch, both work. Kara cancel c.hk moves her forward a tiny bit.

short~fukiage moves her hella foward >.>