Oro and SGGK

Sorry guys but you’re going to need some time for this one.

I’ve seen a lot of threads popping up recently about SGGK, and I noticed people saying Oro has one of the best in the game. I think a thread on Oro’s SGGK would be a pretty good idea, as it can probably help a lot of us.

Let’s start with the basics, what is SGGK? All I know is that it’s a form of option selecting. I don’t even know how to perform it, so an explanation of the command would definitely help.

Once we have that out of the way, can anyone give good advice on appropriate uses of SGGK? Should I use it all the time in certain situations? And if so, what are those situations. Anything I need to know to put SGGK to good use would really help me.

Bonus points to the person who can tell me what SGGK actually stands for.

oro’s sggk is tap down then b+mpxxxthrow (you piano from mp to thow like a kara)

what happens is, if they do a low move, it will parry, then mp will automatically come out, if not, you just throw

in theory, it is one of the best sggk’s in the game, but it’s not that great. neither me, hungbee nor combofiend use this.

i just down fish for parries, it’s the same shit

for example lk tick, then walk up, and tap down, if you get the parry, do mp, if not walk forward and then either go for a throw/mp depends if they get fitgety or not. it gives you more options and stuff

It should look something like this.


Its uses depend almost entirely upon who you’re playing against. If the player loves to crouch throw then its very useful.

It works because theres a kind of glitch in the game. If you do a karathrow during parry freeze, instead of a karathrow coming out, the system simply ignores the throw, and the move you kara’ed WITH comes out instead.

I think SGGK stands for Super Great Goal Keeper (you don’t let anything in)

no it doesnt. Its something like slide - gyaku -*** - kick. Names after chun li’s version of it using close standing rh.

Oro does not have one of the best SGGK’s in the game, It is what people would like to think because of the easily confirmed damage.

The fact is that Oro’s throws don’t mean much, especially when you have them cornered. Also the range for Oro’s SGGK is small. Anyone who plays Oro knows what the range for s.mp is, and it needs to be pretty damn close. Not only that, but there a few setups where Oro is going to be able to use this in game. Back throw into the corner or command grab. Other wise, they will be able to tech roll away, where you lose the range needed to SGGK. Of course there are other setups but you get the point.

It is a good tool to have, especially when you need to add pressure with throws. But I wouldn’t say its game breaking or absolutely necessary to use.