Oro at evo

So with sbo off the menu, i’ve decided to do my best to get to evo this year.

Who here plans to go as well? Do the regulars who post here always make it? How about that guy, hungbee, and my hero, JINRAAAAI?

Me and Hung always go, Jinrai came for the first time last year, I dunno if he’s going this year as well.

I will make it out this year so will sergio I think then we can oro bash lol. Btw I can’t wait to fight you again thy I have gotten a lot better since last time.

I bought my tickets months ago. Unless I say otherwise, I’m going to every Evo from now on.

So yeah, go Team Oro! This may be our last hurrah until SF4, when I’m moving on to Zangief.

this is all good news! I havn’t seen any footage of hung playing recently… Is he still on top of his game?

My Oro will be at Evo. In some almost non existant form…but it will be there. Look forward to playing against all of you guys in some casuals should the opportunity arise (though it probably won’t). :lol:

Hung is hella good, that guy dosn’t need to play consistently to be good…that asshole.

Oooh. I’ll be at Evo playing Oro also.

Although I’ve only really been playing 3s for a month now since I discovered Kaillera/GGPO/2df.

Still got a long way to go in 3s :(.

Why are you guys being so gay? Play Ken or something…

Hung VS Zak mirror - looking well forward to that!!

I’m actually more interested in seeing how the troll who posted above me does against Hung.

I am in secret ninja training! I still play pretty often with watts and some other people. Just havent been able to go out to tourneys. Ill play my ken vs zak! haha. Its always nice to see other people use the old man. Mid tier for life!:rofl:

Damn lol I can’t wait to play you famous players vs me the unknown.

I’ve never made an Evo and this year will be no different, I simply don’t have the money. Trust me though, there is nothing I would rather do than go to Evo this year, and I’m looking for ways I can make it, the chances are very slim though.

Edit: I just had a stroke of genius, and my chances of going to Evo have risen from 5% to %25, wish me luck.

NOOOOO you must go, darn that sucks bro.

Sergio will find some way to make it. He’ll get shot with gamma rays and make one big leap over to Evo.

So, any updates from Evo?

It was Evorolution 2008. 5 Oros in 2 pools. Pool A had Hung, Zak, and Grego. Pool C had Sebastian and myself. The feed to the big screen was pool A, so just about every time you look up you’ll see an Oro (or two) on the screen.

Hung - must play 1 more match to qualify for Top 8 on Sunday. Long story short, drama with Ryan Hart after his set with JR. Wish Hung luck!

Zak - sent Hung to losers, winning 2-0 with Oro vs Oro. Hung went to Denjin Ryu and eliminated Zak when they met again.

Grego - got very far in his pool.

Sebastian - got far, but faced Amir. GGPO.

Jinrai - sent to losers by Kindevu’s Ken 0-2, eliminated Kindevu’s Ken and Chun 2-0, got a double perfect against some Makoto player, qualified, beat John Choi, and lost to Fubarduck’s Chun to tie for 9th place.

Go Oros! How big was the 3s tournout this year? There didn’t seem to be as much hype this year :frowning:

193 players. Less than half of last year, but that just means there’s a greater concentration of good players than before… even though we’re still missing players like Pyro and Ken_I. Pretty much every bracket was dangerous.

Shitty news for Hung :frowning: