Oro Avatar Request

Size: Premium SRK.

Handle: Jinrai (no PVC)

Background: up to you (maybe the part of 3S Chun’s stage with the table)

-Strong-colored Oro looks around (winpose) and sees a giant fatburger.
-He takes out his second arm, leaps at the fatburger, and lifts it up (frames from EX SA1).
-Ending up to you. Try to find a way so that it loops.

Reward: my love and appreciation. :lovin:

check back tomorrow.

Oh snaps!

actually… give me another day. sorry.

oh yeah, it wont be in the MP color. i have to go default on it.

I can live with that, thanks!

I need a avatar when can some make me one …

^ Negged.

Don’t try and hi-jack other peoples threads.

You will be negged A LOT more through out the day.




sorry bout the long ass wait…


Haha! Awesome AV. :rofl: :tup:

:tup: dope shit shatter

oh man hilarious

Nigga stole his fat burger. :rofl:

Good shit as always, Shatta.


Jacked by Sean. A metaphor for my life. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, Shatterstar!

awesome av really random ass idea

I was waiting to see what shatta would do, as usual he delivers :lol:

i actually thought it was more low tier funny than anything…

loooove it! especially the pounce and the look of defeat on Oro’s face.