Oro combo question

Hi all

I’m learning Oro, and I’ve seen a combo that is pretty much used quite alot, but I was wondering what is the exact input

It starts with close MP, then following with his QCF+K, repeating [Usually up to 4 times]

Questions are

  • Should the MP hit twice or should I cancel it on the first hit? Is it the same for the next close MP?
  • Which K version should I use for it?
  • Do I use the K follwup for the QCF+K?

Thanks in advance

If memory serves me right, you can have either one or both hits of his cl.MP connect, you do not follow up the kicks, and you use the short kick (light kick) version. Beyond the first, aim to hit the opponent pretty deep else you may miss the next kick. Do not follow up the kicks with more while in mid-air.

Cancel the 1-hit on the MP. If you don’t then you’ll only get two reps maximum.

And I THINK… it’s MK for the kicks.

Yep, cancel on the 1st hit of mp unless you cancel into tengu. Follow the mp with mk chicken kicks. Use hk on hugo. Theres some other character specific stuff that i dont really know.

Going to train on this, thank you all for the info!

1)The close MP should hit once, making it hit twice will make the juggle fail.
2)Use MK for qcf+k
3)not sure what you mean by k followup, so I’m gonna say no

the bread and butter juggle for oro is cl.mp x qcf MK cl.mp qcf MK then MP dragon punch

if you have SAIII you can end your combo with one more cl.mp (1 hit) xx EX super followed by roundhouses until they die or you run out of time

if you have SAII you can cancel into super as well which creates a slow moving fireball. You can jump over the fireball and do a crossup MK when the opponent gets up. This creates an unblockable. You can follow this with another BNB combo and finish it the same way over and over until you run out of meter.

Some notes: Juggle does not work on hugo at all. Yang/yun need to be in the corner or it doesn’t work. Akuma/ryu/ken/sean have a weird timing, you have to add a pause. I wouldn’t reccommend practicing with them.

hope that helps.

Yep. Cancel the first hit, then do mk chicken. The timing on this is different for certain hit boxes. Characters like Chun and Dudley juggle the easiest. Urien is more strict. Shotos are kinda specific. Twins don’t juggle proper without corner.

Hugo cannot be juggled this way, but he does have juggles. They just involve fireballs, corners and hk chickens instead. Examples: [media=youtube]J7yYXBTcBzk[/media]

A common combo for oro, into Tengu Stone, can be seen here: [media=youtube]2PX6CUW5ijM[/media]

Only problem with that combo is the d.hp after the chicken setup is a reset, and the first tengu hit can be parried. I’d recommend learning it out of mp, as it has no breaks. Since Oro does not have a standard fireball rotation, it’s easy to cancel mp into super. On the last phase of the chicken combo, throw qcf.mp, then just throw qcf again and EX it.