Oro EX Ball Unblockables

Um yeah, do certain characters get up faster than others? Also, do you really need to hit the mk cross up? Cause somtimes I think I just whiff it to the other side and it seems to break guard. Is it also timed diffrent on tall and shorter people. Thanks.

Absolutely. Dudley and Hugo get up the fastest, and Chun does it the slowest. Makoto’s also really slow, Shotos are kinda slow, Twelve’s pretty fast, etc. Practice doing unblockable loops on everyone, and you’ll get a feel for it.


Yep, you have to have two moves, each coming from a different side, connect at the exact same time. If it happens otherwise, the opponent is just blocking wrong.

Also, remember, on most characters you want to use the neutral jump roundhouse as your guard-break move. Does the most damage and stun of anything that lets you combo afterward (i.e. s.roundhouse doesn’t work).


Well, the Shotos require different timing of the neutral jump roundhouse, depending on whether they stand or crouch. Other characters, if they crouch, can avoid any truly guaranteed setups with the j.roundhouse. Look on this forum for a thread I started about this, Streak and I got into a big argument and we both have good suggestions (depends on whether you want to take a chance or play it safe).

Hope this helps,

According to http://www.karathrow.com/tables.html , hong kong brothers also get up pretty fast, frame wise.

Speaking of frame wise, how come Makoto gets up so slow if she only has 71 frames?..:confused: Apparently, she gets up as fast as Oro himself, but that can’t be right…