Oro fan art

This is a pic of Oro I drew today.

Cool pic. I drew an awsome picture of Ken for a school project but i can’t find it:(
As soon as i find it i will put it on the forums.

Here’s one of Gouken, I don’t know what colors to use, is his beard grey/white or brown? In the manga where I saw him first he had a blue top part.

lol, boogers !

Styley crisp line art!

I really like how you’ve weighted your lines it looks helluva cool. Nice style.

As for his colors check out the Udon Street Fighter comic. But it’s almost impossible to get in germany. My brother sends my copies from New Zealand.

Off topic.

Where in Germany are you from? I’m working in Hamburg on holiday and I can’t find any real video game arcades. I had no luck in Berlin ethier. I miss playing Third Strike. And all the Street Fighter fans I run into play it a at home.

Do you know of any?

Stuttgart, I get mine from ebay but I don’t want to order everyone separately. I don’t know if the Udon colors are official though. In the Tokuma mangas Gouken had the same beard and chain as he has now but at that time he had not appeared in any game so I think Capcom told the guy how to draw him. That’s why I’m not sure if he maybe has brown hair like in the manga. The only official appearance in a game is Gouki’s SFZ1 ending and that’s not colored. Glad you like my drawing.
Here’s one of Hugo.

Blanka artwork

Blanka eatin an elf for dinner.

One of Chun-Li, not that good but eh.

Goutetsu (Master of Gouken and Gouki). Of what color is his bandana? It’s the only thing important since skin color is quite variable and the hair is probably something like on the pic.

PocketStation style



Sean & Dan

Colored pic of Sean & Dan, just saw that I screwed Dan’s shirt color. :bluu:

For the chibi style you made Dan and Sean, making them so muscular is unnessisary. Fix up the faces, and that would be pretty good.