Oro game-repair

Gentlemen, hello. First, my apologies for what may be a long, and rather tedious post.

I’ve been regularly selecting the Chicken Man as my 3S character of choice since around January this year, but have come to the sad conclusion that the way I play him really isn’t doing my win-rate much in the way of favours, and that it could do with some comitted spring-cleaning.

Looking at my general approach, I seem to find myself doing a lot of opportunistic running in, trying something, and then getting the hell back to my far corner, like the coward I am.
The “something” I attempt tends to go as follows:

  • Dash-in, close MPxxqcf-MK (usually blocked, I get smacked on landing)

  • Dash-in, c.MKxxHP command throw (works a couple of times)

  • (Super) jump-in, throw

  • (Super)(cross-up) jump-in MK (or HP), close MP(xxqcf-MK) on landing.

  • Walk-in to just within contact distance, s.HK/s.HP

In most other cases (i.e. when I’m not feeling like a cocky buffoon), I try keep-aways with his fireball (occasionally EX fireball, followed by EX qcf-K) or s.MK, double-jump HK, or random EX qcf-K action. And vast quantities of EX Oni Yanma, usually as my ‘get-out-of-jail’ bid. As such I find myself stuck in a preparatory crouch for much of the clock.

Wake-up strategy? Err… some of the above, plus point-blank double-jump HKs, trying to connect on the way down.

My SA is the standard #2, for those occasions when I actually get a chicken juggle combo in, though even then I rarely get the timing spot-on under match pressure. I do find myself throwing out a non-cancelled Yagyoh, to try and pressure, or after a successful knock-down, usually followed up by cross-up attempts. Naturally, I practice unblockable execution zealously.

I should stress at this stage that the above maneuvers are executed pretty much on-the-fly, with little or nothing in the way of game-plan, other than occasionally successful parry-baiting for close-MP oppotunities.

So, how am I being a complete 'tard? I’m sure there’s some horribly obvious facts about being an Oro-user that I’ve utterly failed to grasp.

(As a further slice of info, I’m usually dealing with Chun, Ryu or Hugo, as those are the characters my usual, and indeed only sparring partners play as, and after 8 months, they’ve got wise to all my shenanigans, and can deal me misery if I don’t go fireball-turtle all the time.)

Any advice from seasoned O-drivers would be greatly appreciated. I love the old bastard to hell and back, but frankly, at the moment I seem to be getting only to hell.

Again, sorry for the lengthy post. Consider it a further dose of the idiocy that’s plagueing my 3S play currently.


I’m not the greatest Oro player out there, by any means, but I think that I can help out a little bit.

One of the things that it doesn’t seem like you’re abusing enough is the poke game that Oro has. He has some terrific pokes with great priority - roundhouse, strong, cr. strong, forward, cr. forward, cr. fierce. Additionally, most of his pokes do crazy stun (especially roundhouse).

So, to begin with, a lot of your game can center around that.

Aside from pokes, I find that I have the most success playing keep-away with pokes and fireballs, waiting for my opponent to make a mistake, and then capitalizing on it with a chicken combo or a command throw combo.

If you can tech something on the ground, you can go straight into forward > command throw or strong > chicken combo. Being able to parry well helps a lot with Oro, since most of his big damage comes from stuff that either has a slow startup or is dangerous on block.

Also, EX uppercuts are amazing. They have great priority, they knock down, and meter is easy enough to get back once you’re in a position to unleash chicken combos. If they get blocked, you’re screwed, so don’t abuse them - but they’re a great way to turn the tables if you’re getting rushed down.

So, yeah - a huge chunk of my game currently is playing keepaway with pokes and fireballs, then putting the pressure on as soon as I get my opponent knocked down.

Oro also has some nice tricks if you want to go on the offensive before a knockdown.

One of my favorite tricks (that I’m finally able to do with some consistency now) is to jump-in with a short chicken kick at the last moment. If you time it right, you’ll knock your opponent into the air with enough time to land, toss out strong, and start a chicken combo. You can also mix this up. After you’ve tried that trick on your friends a couple of times, try jumping empty and then throwing them or tossing out a strong. You can also link into standing strong from a late jumping roundhouse or jumping forward, but I don’t use that much.

Other than that, you shouldn’t be using the chicken kick too much. You can try a short ground chicken on your opponent’s wakeup, but most players are good enough to block or avoid it and then punish. Chicken kicks are dangerous if blocked (shotos can sweep them, a bunch of characters can punish them with super). The only time you should ever use standing EX chicken kick is if you’re looking for a chip damage victory.

EX chicken kicks can work well, once in a great while, at the start of a match, or on wakeup, or if you’re predicting a fireball (or a certain super)… but use them really sparingly outside of chip victories.

Another great little trick is to toss out an EX fireball from full-screen. You can rush in behind it and mix-up. There’s a thread (that should still be on the front page of the Oro forum) that had a bunch of good ideas regarding EX fireballs.

Also, SAII (Yagyou-Dama) requires a ton of skill and execution to use… in order to use it effectively, you really need to be able to land chicken combos on a regular basis. Otherwise you’re throwing away a full meter for a mediocre amount of damage, instead of using that meter to set up unblockables.

Try SAIII (Tengu Stone) out. Both the regular and EX versions are useful, and it’s a lot easier to do big damage with it. You can start it right after a chicken combo (or just a 2-hit strong) and then juggle your opponent to the corner, where you can start a chicken combo all over again. It’s also great for pressure on a knockdown. You can activate the regular version on a knockdown and then take a big chunk of your opponent’s bar just by chip damage. You can also (in the corner) activate the EX version on knockdown and then go into an EX juggle combo from either a cr. roundhouse cancelled into forward, or a UOH cancelled into strong.

Tengu Stone is a lot more versatile, it’s a lot easier to use than SAII, it’s ridiculously easy to cancel into, and it can scare your opponent into making mistakes in the same way that Genei-Jin can.

I’m sure others can give better advice - but that’s what I can let you in on, from one mediocre Oro to another. :slight_smile:

Im going to say Oro is a character that has to be played alot because there are many ways to play him. However you need to get comfortable with your setups. In my opinion Oro is all about fustrating or confusing your opponent into landing the setups. your execution with oro has to be very comfortable to the point that doing Tengu juggles or the unblockable setup is like picking your nose. You just do it without thinking. given that yeah your gonna screw up sometimes your human.

basically learn the character by playing more. I learned many things when I have to play people like exodus. you cant afford to do moves that leave you at a disadantage with oro. you got to be manueverable. I cant tell you how to play Oro because hes just one of those few characters that is so damn versitile that what works for some doesnt work for others. Oro is also a character that requires you to adapt to the match up. you cant play him by the book on every match up because it certainly wont always work out.

best advice i can give you: dont just use Sa3 or Sa2. Use them both. this can help your game alot. Get very very comfortable with Oro. like practically spoon with him in bed. it makes it much easier to get the desired results.

Ooh, responses!
Thanks for the input so far, lads. I occasionally whip out SAIII, as it happens, but am always concious that I’m down on EX-move ammo, and given that I’m EX-uppercutting a fair amount… hmm, good incentive to put a cork in that nonsense, I suppose.

A more focused question - one (I imagine pretty old) trick I’ve tried out is on a successful cl.MP launch (followed by the chicken sequence), I make my final hit a LP/c.HP-resetxxSAII, to hit 'em in mid-air, or force a parry. In each case, what are likely to be the most reliable follow ups?
I seem to spend a lot of time trying to parry their wake-up (banking on the fact that my opponent will be steamed enought to want to smack me quick, for pulling the above shit on them), but I’m sure there’s something a little less wobbly I should have a crack at.

Finally - MOD, I notice you’re Tokyo-based. As am I, curiously enough (at least until 13th of this month - I try to get to Tokyo as often as I can, and spent 2004-2005 actually living here). How do you find you fair against the locals, as a rule? I just had my ass handed to me by a text-book Aegis Urien.

well ive got leave tokyo in a a few weeks and to the US. im living there now though. as far as competiton goes its great. I probably win and lose about equallly and really depends on where you go. But i still have alot of trouble vs Chun li, she always gives me trouble. and yeah i like the competiton here. But certain matchups I just have real trouble with in certain areas. Thats just something i gotta work on.