oro help

I’ve read that turtling is a major part to playing with oro i have a question what is turtling and how does it apply to oro??

Turtling is basically running away, or standing around a lot, usually in a corner. Its used mainly to build meter, frustrate your opponant into attacking or doing somthing stupid (example being TAUNTING), or to run the clock down to win by time over. As for Oro strats , Ill leave that to someone who actually plays Oro:lol:

oro has sick mobility… he can rush and turtle… his dash (back and forth) is really quick and he dashes pretty far. and his super jump is really high to get out of corners and he has good fireball baiting… c.lk>fp dp is sooo good… use it when ever u see an opponent STANDING in front of u… even works on wake ups

turtle oro? throw fireballs from 3/4 screen, bait them to do a jumpin. anti-air parry > close.mp xx EX tengu.

oro is not an easy character to play, if you didn’t even know what turtle meant, then i suggest you have a grasp of the game with easiest characters first. (CHUN)

Chun IS quite cool:tup:

Well you gotta utilize his mobility with his fast back and fourth dash, his double jump, and even EX Chickens to get outta danger. Also remember, Oro is small. He can dash under many projectiles and high moves. However, Oro can get hit buy a UOH–super if he’s croutching from any range, basically no setup required.

He has great pokes that can beat a lot of the games best. s.LK is fast, weak and a good tick. s.MK is also fast, beats many low attacks, and has good range. a far s.MP is also a decent poke for beating low attacks. I also learned to use his s.HK a good amount. It is a great wiff throw punnisher. You can bait a throw, back bash, and nail them with s.HK. Its fast, strong, and does hella stun damage for a normal. c.MK is a good low move and is good for landing his command grab for decent damage.

Poking strings. Usually start with a s. close LK or c.LK.
s. close LK, s.LK, s.MK is a very good poking string. You can also mix in a c.MK or s.HK, or another s.MK.

Being a decent parryer is very good help for Oro. Parry air move and then launch with s. close MP to start juggles and resets and unblockables. Both SA2 and SA3 are very good in both ways. SA2 has unblockables and if they block one of them you have like +40 or something frame advantage. SA3 has massive 30+ hit juggles and mad crazy rush down poke strings in the corner.

I would go on but school is next morning!

EX Chicken is a BAD IDEA… unless you see a shoto doing a non-EX fireball from across the screen. Unlike regular Chickens (which are also risky unless you set them up well), EX Chickens will never cross up. Air EX Chickens are also worthless.

Yagyou has a large frame advantage because of the nature of the super… but it has terrible startup. If you toss out a Yagyou in someone’s face, they get a free combo on you and the booger itself never comes out. Bye bye meter.

Thats why you never do it unless your far away or after a knock down.

What about EX sun disk whens the best time to launch it and what strategy’s can I use with it,I usually launch one hope it hits and combo it with a ex chicken kicks.

EX fireball notes:

Use the EX fireball as a pressure tool, especially against certain characters near the corner. Follow it in and mix up a poke string / overhead / tick throw.

Remember that you can have another fireball on the screen at the same time if the EX fireball was shot upward. The opponent must be in the air for the upward one to come out.

You can shoot an upward EX fireball immediately after a backthrow. Charge back until Oro kicks the opponent into the air, then switch directions to keep the charge.

If a CornerCross opponent (Dudley, Urien, Necro, Twelve, Alex, Hugo, Akuma) is hit by a Yagyou dama reset in the corner, you can whiff an upward EX fireball after the Yagyou hits. The Yagyou keeps them from quickstanding, so Oro can unblockable the opponent with the EX fireball and a crossup jumping Forward.

hey jinrai, did you go to t6? toronto peeps tell me there’s a sick oro player named patrick that beat jwong

No, I didn’t go to T6. You’d have to have a sick Oro to beat a Chun player on Wong’s level… mad props to Patrick.

Jinrai you have any match vids of your self?

A couple casuals, but that’s it. They’re not that great.

Can you link me or send me some,I don’t see oro vids much and he’s my favorite character.

Eh, meet me on IRC and I’ll hook you up with some better matches you probably haven’t seen.