Oro: N00b Qeustion

Hey, im new to shoryuken but have been playing ST for 5 years and recently moved onto 3S (yeah, late i know). I know there are some amazing Oro players on here that can help me out.

Oro has just amazed me since watching Evo vids and seeing Zak at this years Battle Of Destiny tournament in London a month ago. Congrats on the win Zak, unlucky on the money match against the mighty J.wong. But im sure with the win and trip to Evo you didn’t care too much!!

So knowing the kind of level of play i feel embarassed asking. Ive been trying to get that whole tengu stone juggle going off but cant even do the first bit!!

I know it starts with a st.mp or combo it from a j.hk, but what is it next? I have been watching some vids and i have tried to cancel the st.mp into a super jump and tried st.mp into qcf+lk.

Am i missing something or is my timing just crap?

Someone please help, i want to be able to play a fair game with someone other than yun, chun or ken. Plus The green guy is too cool to not want to learn!!

Thanks in advance

There are two major combo starters with EX Tengu. If activated while opponent is mid-air, it’s a s.fk / j.rk (regular, not super jump) cycle until the tengu runs out, then continue with s.mp/chicken combo or whatever. If activated on the ground near a corner, it’s s.mp launcher with s.rk until tengu runs out, then continue with whatever.

hey FiForce, thx for the reply. Its actually the part before the tengu stone is activated. I know you can do st.mp into j.something then st.mp j.something, then st.mp xx tengu stone.

I think it may be the chicken combo i here so much of but have never really seen it explained, just done on vids a lot. Told you it was n00b question, lol!

The part before the tengu is activated is s.mp, mk chicken stomp, s.mp, mk chicken stomp.

My suggestion is to switch to another character a while. Oro is great character, but he really doesn’t teach you much in terms of 3S. If you’re determined, look up “Man of Gold” on youtube. It’s old, but there’s some useful stuff on it.

You should be aware that the chicken combo depends on the character. With most characters, cl. mp, mk stomp, repeat works. With shotos, though, the timing is more strict; you have to hit cl. mp late. The regular chick combo just doesn’t work on twins unless you anti-air them at the correct spot.

As far as the Tengu Stone combos goes, if repeated roundhouses is hard, you can do j. hk, close mk, repeat until the corner. It’s easier. As far as enders go, the only one I know outside of going back into chicken combo, you can do cl. mp launcher, mp fire ball, mp uppercut-drill-thing. I know that ender works on shotos, but I don’t know if it works on anyone else.

Want a good idea?

dont pick oro

How about don’t play 3S?

Ditto to that. Oro isn’t a good character to pick up if you are just learning the basics of the game. He is a more advanced character( IMO). Good starters would be the shotos and chun.

hey everyone and thx for replies. I suppose i should have introduced myself a bit better really! I have been playing 3S for over a year but say recently as it is quite recent i suspect compared to you guys!

I started with Ken and moved to Hugo and am fairly confident with both. I have got most of my gameplay down with Ken, and held up well in a few casuals and my first few matches at Battle of Destiny this year.

Anyway, i realise what i was doing wrong now with starting the chicken combo. I wasn’t cancelling the st.mp so it only hit once and have been practicing on Dudley and Alex all afternoon. (I heard these are the best due to large hitboxes, Shotos is strict and you need to parry a jump in from the twins so i started with those 2) I can get the full 6 hits 9/10 times after a couple of hours and am just integrating the EX Tengu stone part now before i try on Ken. (my main rival is a ken player so i had better learn him)

Its been coming along so thx for those that replied and im not giving up yet.

BTW: Thx to hungbee for the inspiration to learn and play Oro. I still watch your match vs ricky ortiz’s Chun at evo 2k7 every couple of days, one of the best matches ive seen.

Let the Orownage begin.

Any advice for dealing with Makoto’s GRAB GRAB GRAB GRAB GRAB GRAB bs? I wouldn’t hate playing Makoto’s so much if I knew what to do.

Also- after I buffer the first QCF for the super cancel at the end of the chicken combo, how long (approximately) do I have before it is no longer buffered? I have trouble buffering and usually just get the F+MP move.

Basically the only way out of makotos grab setups with oro is to jump. Every move he has can get beaten by the command grab, including his EX uppercut (well, ok, EX SA1 will beat it, but fuck that). Problem is, even if you guess the jump, it still leaves you in a bad situation since you have to guess how she will respond. You can try to parry>close mp a tick setup, but if she figures that out or goes strait for a grab you’ve got problems. After you are a good distance ahead, just try to box her out.

You’ve got a decent amount of time for that buffer, I usually go back to neutral about the same time as I land, and hit mp just after that.

Thanks a lot for the detail on the super cancel! I’ve actually nailed it several times now thanks to your description. With some more practice I’ll be getting it consistently.

Then I can finally use Tengu and go nuts.