oro play style

i’ve come to believe that oro is best played like chicken.

run away, throw the fireball, poke here, spacing up the ass, then when you got the oppenent jumping because they are so pissed. You use his low dash to go under and around, then cl.mp into chicken combo.

in this game oro doesn’t seem to be built for offense, however if you know you oppenent will try to get in, play a close up game, like tick low lk, grab, or block strings into dash up grab.

and then tengu, or yagyou up the ass when you get the chance, i believe it’s best to never throw out tengu because then they turtle and oro isn’t the best character to deal with turtlers, but obivously he can get the job done.

just play depending on the spacing, an what your oppenent is most likely to do.

If your opponent isn’t giving you a chance to get the chicken combo going, activating normal Tengu is a good option after you’ve cornered your opponent. High/Low/Overhead, constantly chipping away at health, even if your opponent blocks everything he just lost 10-15% of his health.

true,but i hardly use tengu anymore, yagyou gives oro in my opinion better options, because of the ability to use ex fireball strings( which im working on) by using charge partition, and you get the unblockable set up options so you can make you oppenent move if they are turlting which is a bad idea if you have meter to use ex fireballs.

Oro’s really not about pressuring, he’s about landing a bunch of rediculous combos over and over again. If you can do unblockables, for for Yoyu-dama, otherwise EX Tengu juggles are more than worth the loss of EX room. It’s not like oro doesn’t charge half a bar from one chicken combo anyway.