Oro Player Dirty Music

This Oro Player is possibly one of the best Oros in the world. This video really shows many of the potentials and playing style of Oro, doing 8 stomp combos and stuff. Oro is an unsual character and not simple to use, but the possibilities with Tengu Stones and setups are demonstrated here.


We know.

Wow guys… this video revolutionizes the way we play Oro!

I appreciate it, I don’t know of any good Oro’s.

Dirty, Thanatos, & Inoue for Jap. players, Hungbee and Jinrai for North American players. Then you’ve got a bunch of other decent players on youtube as well; just search for ‘Oro 3s’.


Though there aren’t many vids of him, I think he plays very well.

Fixed. Guys, I’m not that good at all.

Actually Jinrai, I don’t think I’ve seen many matches of you playing really. Could you point us to some?

You beat Tao’s Chun… I still can’t do that. Ergo, you’re better than me haha.

There aren’t any good match videos of me, at least not by my standards. Rather than watch videos, just come to Vegas in August and play me.

Actually, True_Tech did record a best of 3 between myself and Ino’s Makoto. I managed to win one match off a wakeup parry…

I’m looking on SBO this year I’m afraid :wink:

Evo sounds jokes though.

Yea, Jinrai is good dont let him fool u guys…
i want some revenge Jinrai for what u did to my ibuki last year at evo:wgrin:
fun times…

Jinrai’s Oro. He loses in this match… sorry Jin haha.

That’s me if anybody cares… pretty shitty quality vid though.

I told you. Asstastic.

Have any of you guys ever played SoCal’s KillerKai? He’s the only chun from the states I’ve played.

yes, i play with him all the time, his sn is happytang, killerkai is a marvel player

Ahhh ok. I thought Happytang was his real name or something:confused:

How well do you do against him with Oro? Against his chun in particular… Cos I wasn’t really sure how I would rate him.

I do alright, as I do vs other chun’s, but my style of playing is quite different, I play really passive aggressive instead of hardcore run away like other oro’s do.

Even though I don’t want to admit it, Kai is pretty decent because he plays chun. He is very patient and solid. He dosn’t do a lot of dumb stuff, but he IS human, so you can fluster him just like any other player. His only problem is that his execution is not always not notch, and he actually thinks ex-fireball is good.

Usually when I win vs him, it’s cause I can somehow frustrate him with a parry bait by like poking all day with little bitch pokes and running then I’ll jump in with an air chicken, or tick into a parry bait. Playing footsies with him (and I think any chun) is very very difficult since he is pretty solid with footsies, dosn’t do that much risky shit and tends to stay out of trouble.

Kai, I hope you don’t read this.

I played FubarDuck in Japan and he was pretty solid :tup: