Oro Tengu Stone Ex finishers



well, i know this post it’s been repeated a lot… but I want to know how to finish the ex Tengu a seen on Jinrai tutorial… he made awesome combo finishers with the oniyama and the sun disk palm what do i need? charge partition? does all the tengu finishers work on all characters or some need another combo??

please enlighten me…:slight_smile:


All the corner finishers you see in the vid will work on anybody. No charge partitioning is needed for the finisher that I do: Strong, Fierce Fireball, strong upper cut. I hold back as a do the strong, towards + fierce, then I quicky roll the stick to the down posistion. And then hit them with the uppercut as they come down. It takes a bit of practice to get used to the timing, but it’s not hard. All the corner finishers do pretty much the same damage, with only 2 or 3 points of damage difference.



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Anyway, there’s a sort of funky stun EX Tengu finisher in the Hungbee vs Ryu match posted earlier.


Jinrai! We thought you died in toronto… or something…


Things have been pretty crazy for the past couple months, that’s all. Got taken to school in 3S… I have no chance until the local scene builds up, and that’s finally starting to happen.

In the meantime, I went back to Roll Cancel vs Ducking Fierce. 3S still has my love though.

Old team: P-Nakoruru/Yamazaki/2-Sakura.
New team: P-Cammy/Sagat/2-Sakura.


Back on topic: Another EX Tengu stun finisher is just a close jab. Sets up mixups, one possibility of which is a chicken combo to get most of your meter back.