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Hey, how old is he? :lol: :lol: :lol:

Two sources of basic Oro info:

The Oro compendium in this forum. Click here.

There’s an Oro tutorial video that you can find a link to at karathrow.com. I happen to know the guy who made it. cough

LoL :cool:

Damn that video was off the hook! What was that music? No EX SA2? :frowning:

EX SA2 is good for nothing but chipping someone to death at the end of a match. It still made an appearance in the video… the Twelve glitch.

If you go back to the thread in Fighting Game discussion, you’ll see what songs were used.

Oro’s roughly 140 years old.

SA2 is actually pretty good, it depends on the characters that your against. It has many set ups for unblockables and other things that were not in the video. Its perfect against dudley and sometimes urien based on some of the people i played against.

They’re talking about EX super art II… ya know… the big yella booger thing that you used on vic for no reason… ya… that one.

hung is my hero.

haha i am a dumbass who cant read. excuse my asian eyes. But EX SA2 is not that bad, just that no one uses it. It can do an easy 30-40% or more, if you know how when to use it.

Hey Hung, I’d love to hear about those other setups and how you use EX SA2. I’ve been using SA2 for a while now and noticed how it owns people up. The only thing I can think of that wasn’t in the video was whoring out EX fireballs to pressure people near the corner…

Enlighten us, oh Hungbelieveable one! Or save that shit for Evo, your call. :lol: