Oro Unblockable question

What is the correct way to parry out of this setup?

Conversely, what is the correct way to do a mixup with timing involving delays if possible to offset the chance that someone will parry the unblockable?

If these are both possible, then that would create the same effect Urien has with his Aegis setups. He still can do an unblockable, but the victim has to guess what urien’s going to do (ie. high, low, nothing, throw, etc.)

I don’t know of any ‘correct’ way to parry out of it… most of the time the Oro player will want you to parry because a screwed up parry will double the damage the combo does. I’m sure Jinrai will know more about how to escape the combo (if you can at all).

Parry twice, than super. I think it’s one down parry, one parry towards Oro, not 100% on that though.

why do people think parrying down gets them out of the loop?

It can, but it all depends on the timing of your jumping forward. If you do it higher in the air a downward parry will break the setup for the next loop, but if you do it closer to the ground, or in contact with your enemy, they will have to parry left and right. It’s actually a mix up when playing against people who know how to escape it, I’ve encountered people who know how, and have broken out of my unblockable loops, and god damn they are a pain.

Having played against Moe for years, whenever he manages to escape (about a 20% success rate), he parries down once and then mashes towards Oro.

From what I’ve seen in matches, even Japanese matches, it’s all over when the Yagyou loop is set up.

Yeah but how often do you see top Oro players use the conventional yagyou, dash forward twice, jump up once, then over? Look at Dirty vs Kokujin for example:


If Dirty used the same setup twice in a row it would have been parried indefinitely. The conventional method is fine, but once you start playing better players you’re going to have to learn to mix it up every time. Luckily for us I’d say that about 5% of 3s players in the US can actually parry out of unblockables.

But parrying down doesn’t actually change anything, especially for the first hit of the ball.

The only thing it might do is actually make oros crossup mk whiff, if it’s timed badly.

LOL for some reason I thought we were talking about the 100% stun combo… wow I’m out of it!

What I’m trying to say is if you do the mixup too high in the air, it will break the loop. Hence why you have to mix it up against people who know how to break out of the conventional setup both ways. If someone tries to parry down every single time, it won’t do a thing for them, but if they guess right and do a down parry while you’re higher in the air it will in fact break the setup, and it has happened to me many times before.