Oro Vid Analysis

So taking a page from my buddy Ryan, I decided to do something similar to his Vid Of the Day type deal, but basically, whenever I want. Feel free to discuss stuff and make analysis of your own!


So this match pretty much starts out with turtling, as both parties want meter. The thing is though, in this matchup, Oro is ALOT more dangerous with meter, 1 bar and you can pretty much take out like 50% of Dudley’s life, while Dudley only gets 35%.

[0:20] Dudley parries and does RH to jet upper but this will often whiff if the character is not pointblank which it does, but Oro doesn’t capitalize. After this Oro is stuck in the corner, probably the worst place anybody can be against Dudley. He simply doesn’t SJ out though cause if you notice, Dudley is carefully closing in, waiting for that jump out, he can do a quick ex jetupper for the knockdown, or even safer jump back FIERCE. Soon enough he closes in, does some damage and Oro somehow in the midst of chaos manages to get out.

Also another note is that Oro NEVER dashes in on Dudley, that is instant death. Jima is fishing with a lot of l.RH trying to keep Oro out, and dashing Oro’s can also lead to a RHxxxEXmgb which will send Oro flying to the corner.

[0:40] Inoue shamlessly throws a sundiskxxxyagou to try to get Dudley into the corner, but Jima blocks the first hit and immediately corks it. This is never a good idea vs Dudley, whenever you do this, you pretty much want to be fullscreen and do it as they are waking up. If you do it while they are standing, they can duck the first sundisk and super you before super even comes out.

[0:59] Inoue uses a straight jump RH vs Dudley. This is a strong move vs Dudley, but will often trade with Dudley s.RH, sending you flying back into the corner. If I do something like that, I often find that FIERCE works better as Oro’s hitbox is more narrow and a skinny, but high priority and long arm comes out.

[1:06] Oro’s l.foward get’s parried but Jima can do nothing about it. The ONLY move you can do if you parry that far is Dudley’s l.mk icecream scoop, but almost NO dudley’s know about that so l.forward will be your main poke of choice vs Dudley.

[1:14] Lucky parry into death. The 2nd unblockable string Oro uses a FIERCE yagou which always makes Dudley bounce twice after the chicken combo. He knows it’s going to take him to the corner, jumps to the other side and does a s.lk to break him THEN mp. This is important because if he just did mpxxxchicken to break, the mp would have just broken him, jumbled him into yagou and the chicken would not have combo’ed.

After this he does an safe ambiguous cross up mixup and then round over.

[2:06] Some crazy parry into chicken but he ends with a c.FIERCE reset instead for Dudley to land, then a psudeo Aegis mixup game. Had it been me, I would have gone for the midscreen reset, end with s.jabxxxyagou, it hits Dudley, then since it’s close to the corner, walk forward and RH him.

Again the rest of the match is Oro playing as careful/runaway as possible, Jima parries a l.foward again, but tries to d.RH it with no avail. Inoue hits Jima with a couple of RH because Jima is getting so impatient from trying to catch Oro. A patient Dudley though will just cancel RHxxxEXmgb all day outside of that range because RH beats Oro’s RH. Eventually Jima catches Inoue in a very close match and it’s over.

This thread is a good idea, most of the time I watch match vids I feel like I’m not taking in what each player is doing, so I end up watching them over and over.

Some things about this match:

Oro got out of trouble in the first round with empty jump kara throw. Interesting…

I think Dudley could have punished the crouching forward (parried) with ducking xx corkscrew blow.

At the end of the first round, Dudley could have used the crossup option select to avoid his death, although this would leave him vulnerable to throws and crouching MK -> command grab.

Oh, and a question: I remember hearing Dudley could get out of Oro unblockables with reversal corkscrew blow (I think Jinrai said it) what’s up with that? Why don’t Dudleys do it?

Yes, that option select thing to get out of Oro’s mixup DOES leave you open to c.mkxxcommand grab, you have no idea how many people I get that shit with. Dudley also can KINDA get out of the unblock, BUT he has to parry the first hit which you parry down, then GUESS which way to super which is hella hard to do. Also sometimes when you do the j.mk break, you’re already breaking them without the chance of them getting to parry anything at all. You CANNOT though super while the ball is right over Dudley though.

I’m not sure about that, I always combo chicken into Fierce Yagyou against Dudley and he bounces once 90% of the time.

Great thread though.

I haven’t seen it in person since nobody plays Dudley where I live, but I’m just going by what Hung told me about Victoly. However, Vic would parry once before doing the cork… that could make all the difference.

Either way, most Dudleys just don’t know what to do.

Wait, is this true? I was under the impression that it was ALWAYS possible (if very hard) to parry out of the unblockable. If it is true, that would mean a perfectly executed unblockable loop would be completely unstoppable, wouldn’t it?

well at points its parryable and escaple by some characters. But its damn hard. you’d be surprised at how difficult parrying can be when all you can see is an Oro above you and not the ball.

I know that it can be really hard to parry, my friends complain about that all the time, I was just wondering if theres a possibility of it being unparryable, which would explain a lot for me.

It’s differently timed on everybody, not even the setup, but how late you cancel the last mpxxxyagou, early or late, how fast you dash, how fast you double jump, etc, etc. Dudley gets up really fast too, so sometimes, either
A) You cannot parry rhythmically to get out of it or
B) It’s pretty damn near unblockable

I mean, this is not unheard of, unparryable unblockables, like kkz reset, when you are getting hit with denjin and they throw out a low forward, sean basketball when you are knocked down, throw a basketball, roll to the otherside, l.lkx2 the basketball and lk hit you and the same time if setup right.

It’s always possible to parry out of unblockables which is why it’s important to mix up the timing on your MK and just do different setups in general. For example, dash forward twice, jump up once, over on the double jump, or simply walk forward a few steps and jump over.

It’s a matter of them guessing correctly, if they parry low when you do the MK higher up, they will ruin the second setup, but if you do the MK closer to the ground, or right over their heads they will have to parry left and right to escape.

Did that make sense to anyone or am I just rambling? :confused:

Makes perfect sense, and thats how I always thought it worked. Just that little detail had me tripped up because I thought it might have a couple interesting implications for Oro, but no big deal.

Oro player on the side commenting (Dudley is main).

Inoue did really well this match playing dudley how he should be playing against him.

Thing to point out is how smart Fujiwara played through out compared to Inoue.

Fujiwara plays this matchup really by the book: Dont jump onless he jumps. Be smart about s.Rh and f+FP and work the corner game. Although a really close game, Fuji made more smart moves compared to Inoue (two fireballs into SA2 which Fuji punished both times for knockdowns and messing up the c.FP reset (too far from corner)).

Really great match through and through and has taught me for both chars how to help play the matchup.

More Oro vid analysis.

I have decided to resurrect this thread as I am going back to school soon and will be bored. Please post some links for vids to do analysis of, whether it be yourself or other players. If I find that there are many interesting teaching points in the vid, I will try to do an analysis of it.

I’ll keep this in mind if I come across anything. I might be able to take vids of myself losing to Diaperbomb’s Alex on Thursday, so maybe you can review those lol.



If you get a chance I’d be interested in some of your analysis of these matches of mine. I’m the oro (obviously). My first match starts at 36:52. I’m most interested in your thoughts on the Oro vs Hugo matches that start at 51:58 if you don’t feel like watching it all, there is quite a bit here.


Just being able to watch this myself has been really helpful. Any advice would be great.

Hey man, I just watched it a bit (I don’t really have a lot of time these days), but one of the biggest things is that you are letting him do s.mp for free or it is trading. You need to be comfy with the range where s.mp will whiff. If he walks forward, you need to walk back, if he walks back, you need to walk forward, but as soon as you see that s.mp, you need to backfist it. This is the only good poke that Hugo really has on Oro, other than that, he has to guess like crazy. After this you can pepper them with more fireballs but the opp. is going to resort to s.mp again. Also when your back is to the corner, you need to get the fuck out. You spent a lot of time there cause you were scared of backbreaker and he did backbreaker you once. You just need to block and pick a smart time (aka when he’s waiting, he’s looking to backbreak you).

I wrote a small Hugo primer on complete oro thread as well, that might help.