Oro vids

Lots of vids of my Oro on my youtube channel. I’ve been playing for a little more than a year, and it would be cool if anyone wanted to provide feedback :china:

YouTube - ThirdStrikeParty’s Channel

Search for jwangggg.


hey glad you are playing 3s, keep it goin

be glad that therapist does not know the dudley vs oro matchup, because imo oro rapes dudley, i am very confident vs dudley esp any dudley in america

basically, the name of the game is footsies, you need to ABUSE HIS LOW FORWARD poke because it beats the shit out of dudley, stand right outside of it’s range and make sure it is hit/blocked at the tip, even if dudley parries it, he can’t do a big punish, s.rh will whiff, l.strongxxxsuper will whiff and l.rh is too slow to punish, dudley can only do l.mk for a knockdown or s.fierce

if the dudley is smart, he will then try to counter this with walk in l.rh or s.fierce the answer to that is d.fierce. d.fierce is high priority against all of dudley’s laggy moves, you want to do this outside of your l.forward range to bait these pokes, you will be surprised at what it beats. i do not recommend using s.rh as if he parries it, he can go into s.rhxxxEXmgb. he can also just do whiff s.rh into buffer EXmgb in which if that catches your s.rh, it will combo. d.fierce renders you crouching and small so if he parries that move and tries to do s.rhxxxEXmgb the EXmgb will whiff (not 100% on this, needs testing) and d.fierce will also beat or trade with s.rh sometimes

this is an odd tool but if your footsies are good f.mp is a good counterpoke vs dudley. he will probably be whiffing rh all over the place so you can counterpoke him with f.mp. even if he tries to duck it, dudley is fat so he has to block it, it won’t whiff on him like many other characters. be careful though, if your reactions are not good and you just try to throw this move out willy nilly, an early s.rh will beat this move and you’ll get combo’d super fat

the BIGGEST thing you need to do is switch to SAII. oro does not use this super vs everyone, but in this matchup he does. reason being is because dudley is fat and you can cross him up in the corner
if you backthrow dudley into the corner, partition the fireball, dashback, lp fireball into super. if he blocks, you jump over and cross him up with mk (breaking his guard cause it’s an unblockable) into unblockable death. against dudley’s who know what they are doing they will try to escape thusly depending on the strength of the super ball:
lp yagou dama (travels in a straight line):
they will try to jump forward out of this setup to take minimal damage
hp yagou dama (arches in the air the highest):
they will try to duckxxxcorkscrew out of it, since they can’t jump
mp yagou dama (arches in the air a bit):
this one is tricky for them, initially they see it arc so they will not jump over, BUT they can duckxxxcorkscrew it. to counter this you should wait a split 2nd to block it and then jump over mk. if you block it, you get rh which will hit them back into the ball and then you can dash up combo. if they don’t do it, you jump over mk to break their guard

there are many other options dudley can do but these are the main ones. i’m pretty sure therapist has no clue what he’s doing vs oro or many other EC duds once he figures these things out, just jump over mk him everytime

i hope this helps you, sorry it’s long just post up if you have any questions

Wow thanks for the advice! I didn’t think I’d get a response from someone as good as you ha! I’ll try implementing this stuff into my gameplay, and hopefully the result will be very visible by Winter Brawl. Thanks a loooooot for the big post and for all your contributions to the Oro forums!!

I’m not sure who this Oro is (Dirty?) but I’m inspired to learn him even more

My Japanese ain’t no good, but I think they’re saying it’s Fuji.

Well that’s another Oro to look up, didn’t even know ha

IMO Dirty, Inoueoro, and Thanatos are the best and no one really comes to close based on what I’ve seen.

Other Oros I can think of would be Majimemajio, Goukisan, Aroha (Aloha), Fuji, and Hirochan.

EDIT:: I’m forgetting someone good. Someone who has been to SBO… Oh! Tama!

Recorded footage of Kuroda playing Oro @game_versus:


Is this on youtube anywhere? Would def like to favorite that.

No… I can upload vids this long on my channel. If someone tells me how to save the vid from ustream, I’ll upload it for you.

You can use Tubemaster++ or aTubeCatcher to catch those vids directly.

If you have a MAC I would recommend Jaksta.


yeah, those kuroda matches are an inspiration.
they made me pick oro up.

I just picked oro up today and he is a pretty fun character to play with.

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Some recent Thanatos footage starting at 7:25


There’s also more of him in the other parts of the same set on TheShend’s channel. It was really fun to watch his wacky style with Tengu unblockables.

I didn’t know Oro could UOH over Mak’s ex Hayate. Nice way to win the round.

Loving that double backdash ex fireball.

Thanatos got pretty good mileage against Nitto with that backdash ex fb shit. Also, those short “unblockable” regular tengu combos seemed hard to deal with and only require a mere knock down. Only effective against bigger characters that are easy to cross up?