Oro vids

To be honest I haven’t really put any time into actually exploring that stuff so I don’t know all the details.

I know it works on Chun, Hugo and Dudley at least (and I think a lot more chars, but again, not sure).

Linking the rest of the videos from that set here for future reference (it’s a bit annoying to browse TheShend’s channel since there are no dates included in the video titles).




That doublejump high/low mixup after the chicken loop is so silly :smiley:

19:43 and on is pure nonsense. I was laughing so much when Urien snuck in that EX shoulder after the LK spamming.

Who is this player? I love his Tengu mixups so differn’t from what I usually see.


haha I love this looks alot more fun then the easy unblockable boogers :stuck_out_tongue:

In my experience, it is not as good as unblockable boogers. If you get the wrong objects it doesn’t work as well.

Yeah man Your right, but still I enjoy Tengu Stone way more.

You may find it easier to search the Oro player of your choice in the Master Spreadsheet, you can quickly glance at the corresponding date then. Just remember to tick ‘Search all sheets’ when you do, as their split into either competitions or arcades.

It’s by no means completely comprehensive yet. One day.