Oro vs Chun Li FAQ/Strat thread

Ok Oro community . I am making this to end all threads on Chun Li. And I feel that recently after much research and study, I have finally got a solid game plan to at least make this match winnable. I didn’t think it was, however i found out you have to play this match up without flaw. so lets start with some basic facts about this match up

Basics of the matchup

  • Its 8-2 in Chun Li’s favor

  • Chun Li in general has faster pokes

  • Use Tengu stone

  • Chuns c.mk beats your pokes and is the best way for her to verify damage in this match

  • Chun has very little anti air options. Watch for the dash unders on jump ins

  • Oro wants to land close s.mp

  • It is good for Oro to land knockdowns

** Random facts about this matchup **

  • Oros crouching hitbox is wide! UOH to super for chun is easy to do on him.
    Added by Thy:
  • you may not throw ANY kind of fireball after Chun Li has 1 bar. Oro’s hit box is so huge when he fires, Chun can go through your fireball and SA2 will combo all hits FULL SCREEN.

  • I don’t think Oro can cross her up in the corner.

  • Oro’s little cross up chicken trick only hits once if chun doesn’t move. if she does or doesn’t move = you get hit by SA2.

  • Oro of course can do a 100% Stun combo in the corner against Chun using EX Tengu. This is round ending usually. please search around for details on this combo. I will try to put my own explanation of how this is done.

  • Oro’s command/attack grab can be reversaled by Chun’s SA2. Don’t use it very often once she has bar.

  • Oro’s back dash is fast!

  • If Oro’s roundhouse whiffs, it is vulnerable to SA2. but people won’t look for it. but try.

  • Oro can easily duck EX SBK

  • Regular Tengu pressure does not work very well vs Chun because EX lightning legs will beat stones and give her free damage. not cool.

  • Chun Li’s hitbox is very fat in the air, if you time your chicken combos really early you will not be able to hit her.

  • Oro’s meaty qcf k in air is very effective against Chun because she is so fat. Use it in the corner or on any random wake ups. most players will look for it and jab reset you.

  • Oro can jab/short reset off of a chicken combo. dash under Chun and go for another standing mp.

  • got a parry happy Chun on resets? Command/attack grab can’t be parried. use when she has no bar in certain cases. they cannot tech roll out of this.

  • Chun Li has one of the slowest wake up times

  • Both characters have an air throw

  • Learn to kara throw with Oro. Preferably with rh for this matchup. And learn from what range Chun will kara throw you.


FIRST: Chun will be looking to land c.mk. that means she will be ducking… alot.

  • Oro’s far s.mk/s.rh/far s.mp/close jab cannot hit Chun on crouch. that leaves you with everything else.

  • pokes that Chun’s c.mk will beat. everything but your c.mk. your c.mk will trade

  • Oros c.mk is your bread and butter. It blows through a good amount of Chun’s standing pokes. Mainly b.hp. Oro’s crouching forward will beat Chun’s b.hp

  • Chun has some great long range pokes that Oro does not have much punishment at long range. there are s.hp and c.hk. On parry I would suggest anything that could lead to knockdown. close s.mk or sweep. if you think you may be out of range Oro’s s.hk causes good stun.

  • Oro’s air normals can be ducked easily by chun if you do not time them deep. It is very difficult to deeply time j.hk. I would suggest j.mk as it crosses up.

  • Oro has good air to air with j.hk, but Chun Li has j.fp and j.mk. Chun’s jumping fierce beats most of Oro’s pokes.

  • Chun can jump straight up and use j.hk anytime. It can combo into c.mk---->SA2. This is somewhat safe on Oro because it is so far away. try to anticipate when they will do one and dash under or dash up parry and reset to mixup.

  • If you parry Chun in the air, I would suggest going for an air throw as it creates knock down and Chun cannot tech roll.

  • Oro’s j.hp is very good vs walk back/duck poke chuns. comes down vertically, easy to land deep, can hit for two hits if parried, and recovers instantly if you miss.

  • Oro can combo his fierce or EX drill uppercut off of c.lk/mk. c.lk has much better range. This is good for knockdown and stun

  • Chun’s close HK will rape Oro in the air. they will dash under and try to use close HK as you land into SA2.

  • Oro’s c.mp is a good meaty but easily parried.

  • Oro’s s.hp is a two hit over head but slow. Use it to mixup.

  • Oro’s standing mk and mp are his main ways of dealing damage. they lead to the combos you know about (chicken or grab). close standing mk owns chun fairly well in distance. but if it comes out as far standing mk its :wasted: for Oro.

General Strategy

I would like to divide this fight into 2 sections. When Chun has bar and when she doesn’t. When Chun has bar it becomes a different fight. It is my belief that you MUST out turtle Chun untill you have the positioning you want aka a knockdown. You must not panic when she lands kara throw. You must run like the little midget whore you are.

  • You must build your bar! as soon as the match starts. I would suggest using jumping qcf k as a good bar builder. than throwing a fireball when you land. whiff some c.FP or standing whatever.

  • I can’t stress enough to block your ass off in this match once she has bar. BE PATIENT!!!

  • Chun Li has little punishment for stupid stuff when she has no bar. so go for it.

  • Once you have almost 1/2 your bar, try to score a knock down or any damage before Chun has one bar. keep on her, but outside her FP range. go for a jump in and see if they duck/walk back/block/parry/ or attack.

  • OK chun has 1 bar now. In my experience just get the rest of your bar and let her get 2. I know its hard to sit there and let her do that . You need to though. you lose alot of options once she has bar. Don’t worry about her having 2 bars. All you have to do is land your 1 bar and then run like a bitch.

  • At this point it is player specific on what Chun Li will do. once they build bar they will have to come to you. once again DO NOT THROW FIREBALLS and DO NOT USE COMMAND GRAB!

  • Try to be near a corner and bait them in the air. Use straight up jumping hk and double jump. do not attack during your double jump. Getting Chun into the air can create many options for oro. walk under and s.mp to death.

  • c.mk can stuff offensive options by Chun. Use it. I am also going to add that c.mk bait their c.mk if your confident in your low parry skills.

  • if they block a jump in. go for a close s.lk to mixup such as kara throw and s.hp. s.lk can’t be ducked by chun and has good start up. Or just throw.

  • Throwing backwards with Oro is significant because it puts Chun in the corner you want that to happen.

  • For the love of god, watch out for c.lk tick into c.mk. Chun gets frame advantage out her filthy ass. Block this.

  • Bait the c.mk to super the best you can. j.HP can be awesome as hell for this. instant recovery.

  • try to parry anything you can near the corner. anything that will lead to chicken so you can do the 100% combo or just EX Tengu at least.

  • “So what if I have landed my combo and shes not dead yet?” You run like a bitch and be random but safe. go for air hp or cross mk. RUN THAT CLOCK. shit on your pride. you run that clock for the win. You low tech, you block, dont parry, and build bar for the next round. They will get desperate once you have begun to out turtle them.


Ok the death combo. the big cheese. You land this free V for you. So I will try to explain this the best I can.

Look here for the basic close s.mp-----> EX Tengu, jab, then the combo
[media=youtube]dNI11MKpv1s[/media] : This video not by me

chicken combo: s.mp canceled into qcf.mk, then repeat.

in the corner you start the chicken but reset with Crouching Fierce. so its likes this.

  • 1 hit s.mp, qck mk, 1 hit s.mp, qcf mk, then time the crouching Fierce ----> EX tengu. Then you need to hit them preferably with some fast that will launch them for the reset. I suggest using far jab. Then walk back wards untill the distance looks like you should hit them with the top of your Roundhouse. The stones don’t hit! keep walking forward and press Roundhouse. I can’t stress enough to walk forward a little everytime because the push back is quite large. if they have a little stun left dont be afraid to s.mk instead to get that stun.

Once they are stunned try and walk forward and hit with f.mp (with the stones). then go for a stun combo. I like basic hk, hk, mk, mk, mk, f.mp.

I like to finish with straight up jumping come down with hk, mk, command grap. Don’t try to jumping forward Hk its hard to land deep on Chun. Its harder to time than on other characters. Also if you try to jumpin deep and chicken and miss the chicken its uh oh GGPO for you. just forget it.

Explanation By Jinrai

Ok So please ask questions and I will try to do my best to answer them. Please contribute information as well

Shut dat bitch down :tdown:

u know approx how many steps back to take after teh jab?

Very nice MOD. Thanks for posting.

I find it interesting you use c.mk so much. I find it to risky to be in that zone since its the same as all of her normals which are much faster and her karathrow which is slightly better than oros karathrow.

I find Oro has some advantages that others don’t have against ChunLi namely the double jump goes really far. She has poor antiair options so you can really mix up jump attacks. Jump in jab is nice for mixing up hitting or whiffing over her into Oro’s ground game… kara throw, UOH, or c.mk>command grab.

The video MOD posted isn’t optimal. That Oro player could have landed 5 more hits there. This is how it’s supposed to go:

  1. Setup (3-hit chicken combo or 2-hit launch or jump in air chicken, 2-hit launch)
  2. Activate EX Tengu, early Jab, walk back (juggle score is reset to 0)
  3. Roundhouse x4, holding towards between kicks (juggle score is 4)
  4. Walk a little bit more and press Roundhouse so that a rock hits along with the kick (juggle score is reset to 0, by now the opponent is stunned)
  5. Roundhouse x2, far standing Forward x3, toward+Strong (juggle score is 6)
  6. Do whatever combo you want. The chicken combo hardly builds any meter at this point, so I prefer vj. Roundhouse, close standing Forward xx Fierce Uppercut.

That’ll do 99-100% damage, depending on your setup and the type of rocks you get for your EX Tengu.

Sorry man, But its really the best example i could find running around. Just to give people the right idea.

But I wrote it out the best I could. I will add your explanation anyways. thanks :tup:

Yup everything is the truth

so like if i smell an ex sbk comming, after she’s knocked down, i can just duck block and it’ll whiff?


^very good stuff, I’ve been working on the 100% for ever. I can never get it because I keep thinking rocks hit with the RH even though they do to an extent. Thoes tatics have helped me alot beating my local scrubed out chun.

On Oro it should whiff even if your crouching right next to her. Oro is a short little bastard on crouch.

fuck that is sweet as fuck, thanks, didn’t know about that one

another thing that i like to so is since her hit box is fat, it’s easy to do uoh into ex drill, the ex drill rarely not combos

<3 <3 <3

I’ve seen a Japanese player beat her by picking SA2 and landing random lucky stuff into unblockable setups. Not really reliable, but interesting.

Thank you so much, this matchup has always destroyed me. Didn’t know about j.HP recovering instantly. So you would suggest not using Tengu for pressure, then, and just trying to land the combo?

Thanks again,

SAII is not very viable in the match up simply because you will be in corner alot more than mid screen. + if you activate for random pressure, chun can SAII you before it comes out. but yeah like you said, not reliable.

yeah do your best to land EX tengu combo and then run like a bitch and build more bar. They will become desperate to land a super.

sa2 against chun isn’t as bad as people are making it out to seem. you’re back isn’t to the corner soo much to the point where you can’t set up a loop at any time with a given close standing strong; if it is, then empty super jump to get away and out of the corner, and auto parry for the close roundhouse, block down when you hit the ground to avoid c. forward, or try a roundhouse at the peak of your jump and ex oniyanma when you land. you typically want chun’s back against the corner with tengu stone, but if you’ve chosen yagyou, you want your back against it at about 3/4 from either side of the screen, give or take some space. setting up an unblockable loop on chun is easy because her hit box is huge and she recovers like a snail; abuse this. you shouldn’t be afraid of her anti air game, just rember to auto parry twice if you meet her in the air because of the double hit on fierce. ideally, you want to auto parry on the way in, because back fierce will own your ass. if you haven’t been nailed close to the end of your jump, you should either A) perform a late roundhouse (be cautious of a ducking chun) B) delayed chicken before you land. typically, a chun player who hasn’t knocked you back with the fierce is looking to set up a low forward into sa2, or waiting to throw, or baiting the throw with a delayed back fierce or close standing roundhouse into sa2; but either way, a late landing jinchu watari (chicken) will catch them if they’re trying to do this. but overall, just believe in yourself, and you can do anything!!! … ANYTHING!!!

I heard something about a Tengu Stone unblockable, or at least semi unblockable that you can use on Chun, anyone care to elaborate? Justin Wong is going to be at the next Slammin’ Saturday Night in NYC so I really need to step up my game vs Chun Li.

yeah i still have trouble wtih this match up, let’s revive this thread

run away and build meter all day?

Ok people lets seriously revive this thread.

I feel if you fight someone like justin wong like I do patience does not work so I am forced to sit in his faced and get cornered. Justin knows about jump fierce fierce owning oro and roundhouse and he mixs that shit well. I think by being random between his block strings can make this fight happen fast like doing unexpected chicken stomps.

I played justin one match challenged him to the waiting game until i got meter and looking for that knockdown and it ended up him sitting on 2 meters and me eating million throws. The next match I was like fuck it let me go random. It worked I got that first round and he raped the second and the final round i had a good chance cuz of the meter he didn’t have.

Maybe we can play that match like this first round go crazy before she gets that meter and second round try your hardest not to die if not eat the 2 meters. Then go to final round with her having no meter. I know it sounds retarded but its something just give your opinions.

I dno.

Oh that semi unblockable I think is just a crossup mk into mk command grab with normal tengu activated. Repeat Repeat Repeat.

isn’t she too short to get hit by a crossup MK+tengu on wake up ?
or am I just not timing it deep enough?
(I may be mistaken but she is crouching on her wake up state, right?)

anything else otherwise?

depends on rocks?