Oro vs. his worst match up tips?

As most of you guys probably already know, Oro has 3 really bad match ups: Chun, Yun, and Elena. There might be more but I have trouble playing against these characters with Oro so I always end up switching to a different character.

I still win from time to time using Oro against these annoyances but barely. I find that I tend to evade and look for my chances while charging my meter. It’s especially scary against Chun and Elena since they can out poke Oro.

So any specific tips or experiences that you guys can share with me and potentially others? Which SA do you think would work best against them? And what’s the specific setup for SA2 unblockable on these 3?

Why not tengu stone vs all three? 100% combos on chun and elena, and against yun parried dive kick can give free mp (usually second hit is the only one that connects).

100% combos with oro aren’t exactly easy and they’re stone specific so your spacing against the corner has to be perfect. you want to use the corner reset and go for 100% stun. it’s very hard to parry out of the reset and you can mix it up with c.mk or st.lp or practically anything and fuck up their timing.

chun is by far oro’s worst match up imo. she beats you in everything and can punish everything with super. best way is to attack from the air with double jumps, empty jumps, OS parry air chicken and shit like that. you are not going to beat her on the ground even if she has no meter. you can anticipate her normals and punish with st. mk or hk but it’s not reliable. she can simply duck under st. hk and st. mk and all her normals are super fast while all of oro’s crouching normals are slow. i hate this match up with a passion because i think it’s mostly about luck in order for oro to win. get her into the corner if you can and keep her there. jump in and chicken as close to the ground as possible after knockdowns because it beats everything she has. other than that, good luck. no reason in getting frustrated losing this match up over and over. it’s literally 8-2 in her favor so just don’t beat yourself over losing to this bitch. i actually do better against her when i don’t care if i win or lose the match. i seem to focus more on what needs to be done this way.

yun isn’t so bad if you can stay out of the corner. make sure to always parry his damn dive kick but be careful because the chicken loop can only be done if the cl.mp connects at a specific height afterwards. i like to fake a fireball every now and then to get them to jump or do dash punch or shoulder. you just cl.mp two hits into super and he takes a shit load of damage and stun for it.

elena has some weird hit boxes and she outpokes you most of the time but it’s nowhere near as bad as chun. get used to the timing on the loop against her. watch out for her amazing kara throw and over heads.