Oro vs. Ken

What up, I’ve recently made the switch to Oro and love his juggles with SAIII. There is this Ken player at my arcade that pretty much hit confirms his SAIII with the normal c.mk. This is bascially his whole gameplay along with kara dp’s but he always seems to get the hit corfirm on me.

How do I avoid this tatic. This guy is racking up wins with just hit confirm super over again. Also can Ken’s cross up be parried? I’m sure it can but when its comming at me I always block and he goes for UOH/slam/c.mk super if im not still blocking low.

Any tips?

His cross-up can be parried. Instead of holding back or forward to block, just tap back. If he’s faking the cross-up, you’ll block, and if he’s really crossing you up, you’ll parry it. From there, you can launch with standing strong. You can also try dashing under him when he jumps, which’ll leave you a ton of options. You might also be able to trade hits with standing strong vs. his cross-up forward (but I’m not sure, I’ve never tried this).

s. forward is really good vs ken, that will beat his low forward a lot, but you’re right though that when you’re in the corner, fake cross up is like oro’s worst nightmare

Everyone’s pretty much summed it up. Far standing Forward is your friend, but don’t be too predictable with it or else Ken will Shippu the whiff on reaction. As for the crossup nastiness, try what Akzidenz says and “just defend” it. That goes for Yun’s divekick as well. Just watch out for an empty jump.

Block low. :lol:

when i play against Ken in tournaments i will block low eventually forcing them jump, as son as you see them take off dash under them. Also if you maange to air parry j.mk you can often times get an air throw out. but your gonna wanna bait jumps and shoryukens and then punish with tengu juggle.

^ That works great with Ken/Akuma who are typically the people I play aganist. I used the technique today, eventualy the Ken/Akuma will go airborne and it’s over. But I have two problems. I always seem to end up in the corner, pretty much all the time aganist the shotos.

Maybe its because there so fast and such, but I’m unsure how to really rush down with Oro, or if thats even smart. I’m getting really good at being in the corner but it’s not a good place to be.

And Akuma’s wakeup air-grab thing drives me nuts. I tried to launch him but its to slow and I get thrown. Maybe a quick standing short jab? I lost a match with that shit today.

I like to play a situational Oro, which is as it sounds, situational. and yeah Ken can really send some corner pressure your way but if you dash under jumps then no big deal. I tend to dash alot against Ken just to randomly throw out standing forward/ roundhouse. I dont enjoy getting Dped out of my roundhouse so i try my best to be careful with it. Oro can play footsie with Ken, especially if he wants to connect c.mk. Show him a sandwhich of standing forward.

Also, lp drill (the charge down then up anti air) can be your best friend against ken in the corner. Just dont throw it out alot because its a 1 hit parry . If your opponent predicts it, it can cost you the match.

i think oro’s worst matchups are chun and makoto, but i can actually deal with chun, mak is tough though, sometimes, cr.fierce just does not cut it. i find if i turtle my ass off and use c.fierce smart then i can beat her, but jumping in and attacking = death because makoto beats oro in the air like all day. other tips on playing vs makoto other than cr.fierce and running and not jumping in to attack?

Ya today I played a makoto that wasn’t very good but air vs air is no good. I was getting beat in the air and ground you have to play extremely smart. She juggles good so Teng stone rocked her, but I can see a big challenge for Oro is the makoto is really good.

On a side note I’m having a hell of a time learning SAII, On the oro tutorial I can see the setup but does it work on the computer/arcade mode? Do I have to do the whole chicken juggle for every char for the SAII or can I launch cancel into the SAII? Learning each specific chicken juggle for chars is a pain also, which is why SAIII is better for me.

Osek, here are the main SA2 setups:

  • Chicken combo (5 hits)
  • 2-hit launch, walk up 1-hit launch
  • Jump in air Chicken, 2-hit launch

Against Makoto, the walk-up re-launch is actually very easy because she falls in such a way that you don’t have to walk very far.