Oro vs. Ken



It seems to me that this matchup is about one thing: Baiting the low strong.

Let me explain. Basically, almost all of Ken’s ground moves lose cleanly to something of Oro’s. S.forward beats his sweep and c.forward at the proper range (not too hard to find, much easier than beating Chun’s low forward with it), and UOH beats both of these even more easily. S.roundhouse also works against the sweep. c.strong, c.fierce, and s.roundhouse all beat his s.strong cleanly. And so on.

However, Oro does not have one single ground normal that beats the shotos’ low strong. Naturally this is a problem with all of them, but with Ken it is far, far worse because of his braindead super link off of it.

What do do? There are two solutions I know of: Parry, and bait and punish.

Parrying this move is a mixed bag. If you do it at point-blank range, you get a s.strong into probable huge damage; however, it seems like in this matchup Ken should never have to take this risk. Parrying the c.strong at mid-range, where it should be used, will only net you a s.roundhouse at best. Besides the inherent risk involved with guessing in this manner, there is also the chance that the Ken will cancel the strong into super on reaction. The only solution I can see to this is to wait and see if he cancels, and if he doesn’t try to punish with c.fierce or something.

Baiting the move seems to be a much safer option. Basically, use your pokes to make him scared to throw out c.forward. He’ll likely switch to c.strong, in which case you hang just outside his range and punish with s.roundhouse (or s.forward if you’re a little further away). This offers similar damage potential to parrying, without as much chance of eating a super.

Of course, even if you can bait him well, you still get a lot less damage from your guesses than he does from his. That’s the main reason I think this matchup is heavily in his favor…but hopefully this should still help some people out there.

EDIT: Actually, upon further testing, you can parry the c.strong and punish it with close strong unless he’s at max range or very close to it. Helps things a bit, though parrying is of course still a risk.

If there are any other Oro/Ken players out there who have anything to offer, by all means do so!