Oro vs. Remy

Since my main character is Oro and my friend’s with whom i play is Remy i get to play this match-up quite often. The problem is i lack any ideas of successful offensive play. The usual match pattern is as follows: Remy withdraws and keeps throwing out sonic booms, since his recovery time is very short and he can mix-up the level at which projectiles fly trying to fight that back with Oro’s projectile is obviously useless. Therefore, i try to shorten the distance - either by jumping over the sonic booms, are dashing below them if they happen to fly high. This alone is quite difficult, as it is a pure mind game and it requires the ability to predict where and how fast the next sonic boom will go. Occasionally i succeed in shortening the distance when he’s still recovering from high projectile (under which i dashed) and i land a chicken combo on him, but in other cases i just don’t know what to do. If the projectile goes low and i jump over it, he either flash kicks, or launches me first (i’m not sure, but it’s c.fierce with Remy if i’m correct) and then flash kicks. Sometimes he will also just perform the flying kick special (qcb + k) and catch me off-guard, but stopping to block usually gives him time to push me away with sonic booms. I thought about using jinchu nobori (qcf + k) to surprise him, but it’s a guessing game - if it connects and he’s knocked down i get the advantage, but if he blocks it’s a punishment for sure.

So are there any tips that you can give me? Is there something i don’t know and which might help me or is it just a situation that requires full focus, concentration and the ability to choose the right moment to avoid the projectile and tengu-combo him to death? Thanks in advance for the feedback.

Ever heard of parrying? Tap towards right before the high ones hit you, or down right before the low ones hit you. You gain meter, he gains nothing, you can gain distance, you recover almost instantly. Just slowly parry your way in, and then he’s toast, as Oro can destroy Remy from in close.

patrol ur post is one big chunk of blab so i didn’t bother reading thru it.

but parrying the LoVs like varleran will get u nowhere because Remy recovers from LoVs in like 1/100 second

keep him in your standing.roundhouse range. that way he won’t bother doing LoVs . then just wait for him to lose patience and do something stupid like a dash-in since his dash is like crap. throw out random standing roundhouse/forward kicks it beats out a lot of his pokes and shuts him down.

when he ducks down it probably means he’s charging for flash kick. then u just stand there until he quits charging (when he stands up again)

jumping in on remy gets dangerous, so unless you can parry and read him well i wouldn’t advise it.

What super are u using?

In any case if he stars trowing lov like crazy do qcf k ex version it will conect. Also play a lot of mind games with double jumping and land with mk or hk. Even so is true that a lot of Oro pokes wins Remy mix it up with trows or uoh for that mater.

use your priority!
yeah parry lovs, and use normals a lot. hes got a short stun bar so you ll get a stun on him (if lucky).

I’m using SA3 - tengu stones. I’ll try to practice and use the things you mentioned. If you come up with anything else please write it. Thanks for all the advice :tup:

Beter yet try to bait him in trowing hi lovs with double jump then dash in and do st.mp, checken combo then sa 3. Most proably he will die or be at 15% of life since Remy stamina is crap.

What are you smoking? Remy’s dash is great.

too many things to mention, man :lol:.


be patient, don’t double jump too much, and be patient

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his dash FOLLOWUP is crap, according to my standards, was what i meant. didnt bother editing.

Dash follow up is crap? He can grab, combo, ect like oro or any shoto. Hell he can follow his on fb “lov”.

wtf stop disagreeing with me

if you’re threatened by a remy who’s dashing in behind no LoVs then you got some issues

hugo dashing in is scary, ken dashing is scary, remy dashing in = impatient remy seeking to be destroyed

oro generally does good against ppl with low stun bars

Hmm I am a Remy player I play Oro sometimes so I was giving u my point of view of what a Remy players has problem dealing with anyway if u say his dah is crap then that ur opion I was telling u what u can do at high levels.

okokok but honestly, do u ever dash into throw range on oro with your remy? if you answer yes i’ll admit to being pwned

top oro and top remy match is FUCKING BORING, it’s like top 12 vs top oro, both partys have to be really patient and remy is fucking annoying on oro cause even if you parry his down fierce while jumping in, he’s fuckin safe

Yes I expect if he has SA 1 full(the trow one that crap has range wicked range) still I do this after a lov since his st.HK(Oro) stops almost anything even so I mix it up.

Umm… just crouch down when he throws high and use UOH when he throws low and build your super. Use EX qcf K and use the qcf+pp with his fireball super when he throws an ex lov :slight_smile:

To me, if Remy doesn’t have meter it’s safe to jump. When I jump towards him I prepare for his flash kick since it’s one hit and it’s a free tengu combo with mp(2hits to super because sometimes you don’t know which side he’ll land.) Also, I try staying at around far mp range. Knockdown, I use ex sun ball and still stay at around c.mk range. Try not to get knocked down in the corner because of Remy corner pressure strings, but it’s kinda easy for oro to get out of since you can crouch under his high projectile. My advice is spotty, but better than nothing.

Edit: Remy’s jab is another aniti-air to watch for. One thing I could think of is AA jab, dash, hit/throw. Or he’ll just push you away with something like c.mp, low projectile.

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