Oro wakeup game?

could anyone post some Oro strats, especially his wakeup game? i didn’t realize jumping qcf+K was good for setting up his chicken combo on wakeup, so i’m wondering what else he has.

right now i c:

  • MK xx hcb+P
  • c.MK xx hcb+P
  • MP+MK, MK xx hcb+P / MP into chicken combo
  • hcb+P
  • throw
  • HP
  • jump late, air qcf+K for 9 hits
  • jump early, air qcf+K on landing, MP into chicken combo

it seems that Oro has a lot more to his wakeup game than most characters. which wakeup approaches do u guys use the most?

Unfortunately, Oro doesn’t have a lot of options he can do that are safe. A blocked command grab is terribly unsafe and will get you punished every time if your opponent knows what they are doing. When I play against better players, I will usually just mix up between kara UOH, standing fierce, and standing strong. Sometimes I’ll also go for a jump in chicken on wakeup and try to get a free chicken combo. I’ve eaten too many supers/punishers to justify using the command grab in my wakeup game anymore. Having said that, it still has it’s place after I’ve completely trained my opponent to block high. Also some characters can’t really hurt you too bad after a blocked grab, like Yun.