Orochi av

I got an Av request, can someone hook it up? I’d like Orochi Iori in his roaring win pose from CVS2… but any good Orochi Iori pic will do. Background color does’nt matter, whatever you guys feel like. If anyone can do this, I’d be really grateful. Thx ppl.

i’ll doit sence no one is requesting in my thread

here you go:


Nice work Seth, U have some l33t image editing skills. :cool: I had my old Av 4 ages and it really needed the change. As way of thanks I’m gonna bump ur request thread: ANY PPL WHO WANT A KICK-A$$ AV GO TO SETH’S THREAD HERE: [

Seth’s Request thread](http://www.shoryuken.com/forums/showthread.php?postid=1269450#post1269450)

You know what…that’s actually pretty decent.:confused: You are getting better, I guess.

just take out the stained glass filter out of the background :wink:

man, your av is similar to my old av…i mean minor changes and kyo is in a different part of the animation…but almost identical idea


TMT made it.:slight_smile: And I already told him.:stuck_out_tongue:


its cool, i just didn’t want you to be copying tmt’s avs, the guy is tight

Yeah. I just wanted him to make me a quick av on AIM. Came out sparklier than I expected.:smiley: