Oro's height

Any one else seen that Man of Gold tutorial vid on Combovideos.com? I don’t understand how Oro is able to dash under Ken’s hadoken or Urien’s EX sphere… Is there a discrepancy between arcade, DC, or PS2 versions? (I’ve tried these on the PS2 versions and only ended up running into the fireballs.)

The dash has to be timed really well. I think there’s only 3 frames where he’s low enough to get under the fireball.

Oro ducking under Urien’s EX sphere is as easy as ducking a fireball in Mortal Kombat. Chun can duck it too. It’s just that the EX sphere has a smaller hitbox than the normal sphere.

Like Lake said, there’s a 1 or 2 frame leeway to dash under a hadouken. Start a dash with Oro and pause on the first frame. You’ll see Oro crouch down really low.

Oro is short.