Oro's kara-cancels

how to do kara-UOH ?? it seem that it was kara-cancelled after standing forward ??

which oro’s kara-throw is better ??

what are the method utilizing kishin-riki(non-ex) with kara cancels ?

  1. For kara-UOH, press Strong a split second after pressing and holding Forward.

  2. Roundhouse is best for normal throws. Far Forward is best for his command grab and regular Kishin Riki. I don’t recommend doing the kara-command grab in a real match any more than I would recommend doing it on its own outside of a combo. As for Kishin Riki… do yourself a favor and pick a good super art.

  3. Same as the command grab. During Kishin Riki you can make a grab attempt with any punch on its own, but you can kara only if you do the command grab motion. F, DF, D, DB, B, Forward, any punch. You must complete the half-circle motion before pressing Forward.

I thought that kara forward normal throws was the furthest. That shit looks like it has beastly range.

it would be if you could somehow get the far standing forward animation even when close.

It’s technically possible to use the far forward for a standard kara throw, but you have to be at a pretty exact spot, so it’s not easy to make use of in a real match. If Oro’s and the opponent’s shadows slightly overlap, it will work. It’s especially amusing if you use the neutral throw, since it looks like Oro slides 3 feet along the ground and onto their neck.

It’s also amusing because Oro’s neutral throw is the worst throw in the game, hands down.

Amen. I hate when I get that thing by accident, particularly when I move the stick back to neutral too soon after pressing (Roundhouse+)Jab+Short. I should really just hold back on the stick… :rolleyes:

Neutral throw is good for only one thing: when you’re in the corner and have a Tengu waiting to be used. But even then, his backthrow does the job just as well.

Mmm, are you guys sure about rh? Cause I use far standing forward all the time to kara regular throws. Like to be an asshole, if someone’s standing back and building meter, I’ll just standing forward kara throws to move across the screen.

Far Forward is better than Roundhouse, but Roundhouse is better than close Forward.

neutral throw sets up a cheesy unblockable.

And that would be…?

ok simply i want a kara-throw RIGHT after/during a pokestrings and Tengu block strings .

which kara-throw is better ?? for it ??

Stick with the Roundhouse. If you can work out a pokestring that pushes you to the range SlimX described, then I guess you can go for the Forward.

The attached picture shows Oro’s critical throw and karathrow ranges. Ken’s crouch animation was used because his foot never budges. Pay attention to the positioning of the characters’ shadows and feet.

I had to crop it to keep it under 100k, but you get the idea.

EDIT: Oro’s max (far Forward) karathrow range is identical to Q’s back+Strong and Chun-Li’s Forward karathrows!

You can use the kara the standing forward kick- command throw (AKA rag doll slam) against the shoto’s, but the only way it works is if they RH sweep you too close. As the sweep retracts you can kara the Rag doll slam with jp or the SP and grip them before the sweep is over. It ain’t easy, but it got me to the 2nd day at evo2k4.
:clap: :clap:

Good idea. I normally punish blocked shoto sweeps with a far standing Forward anyway, so there’s really no risk. Unless, of course, you’re so slow with it that it gets blocked.

EDIT: It works, but you have to be careful with your range. The far Forward reaches farther than even the Fierce kara-command grab, so if you’re not careful you’ll whiff a command grab (eating a low Forward XX Shippu for your effort) when the Forward by itself would’ve worked. Also, a non-kara command grab works fine if you were close enough to the shoto (say, within 10 or so pixels from point-blank) when he attempted the sweep.

And you have enough time to connect any strength command grab, not just Jab and Strong.

I’m actually preferring the neutral throw over the backward one these days. Why?

It allows you to much better maintain your offense. If they tech roll after the backward one, you can’t do much of anything unless you were at least somewhat close to the corner. With the neutral throw, though, you have a great deal of options whether or not they tech; to me, that is far more important than a little extra guaranteed damage, especially if you have meter.

shinblanka: Congrats on qualifying in Evo! =) How well did you do overall?


If they fail to tech after neutral throw just pop off a strong yagyou, RK chicken kick for some fun and happy cheeze damage.