Oro's mixups..and some questions

I’ve been a (shitty) oro player for a while now…I can do most of the chicken combo stuff, but landing them is a pain in the ass, and sometimes I feel like my Oro is pretty easy to get used to after a couple of matches, so I’m wondering about Oro’s mixups.

When I say mixup, I mean putting the opponent in a situation where they must guess what I’m going to do.

Man of Gold doesn’t really have a lot in its mixups section, and that’s pretty much what I learned all my Oro from. The best mixup it has is doing two chickens, then a jab to reset, dash under, start up a new chicken.

The variation of this is a jab reset with a different timing, then dash, but this time you end up on the non-crossup side of the opponent. What’s the timing for this? I try doing it and I always akwardly mess up, Oro ends up doing close MP in the opposite direction (not facing my opponent!). Does that mean I’m doing it too fast?

Another mixup I thought of is crossup MK. From here, you can throw them as soon as they get out of blockstun, or do standing MP when they’re about to get out of blockstun, and if they tried to tech your throw, you get to juggle.

So what else does Oro have? Thanks in advance.

Oh, and just a couple of questions…
Can the whole cast punish standing MP -> MK chicken on block? I used to do this a lot before I realized how punishable it is.

How do I set up Oro’s late air chicken? How would you screw someone over who’s expecting the air chicken?

To best determine sides to land on when you do the lp reset, land the lp early then dash, then walk a tiny bit left or right.

Or if you like , you can charge partition into a dash - cr.lk uppercut, cos some people always block high on landing.

Another mixup, when close to opponent do a lk - uoh. When you land ure just outside throw range, but close enough to land a cl.mp, so you can do that, or karathrow or something.

Try not do to 1 hit launch into chicken, if blocked its v punishable.

Just do a chicken just before you land to juggle opponent into more launchers or whatever. Many mixups go perfect with this, if you train people to block high then landing and doing a cr.lk x uppercut is the perfect mixup, hard as hell to see coming. Or just jump in throw i guess.

Yes, i do love my cr.lk x uppercut.

Oro’s mixups typically involve baiting throws with his backdash, karathrowing, randomizing his poke strings, fishing for parries, blocking an expected attack (eg. parrying Chun’s low Forward and blocking instead of attacking in an attempt to bait her super), and mixing in his launch and/or air chicken. They come with time as you get used to the character.

I tend to use Jab resets much more sparingly than before because a smart opponent will simply option select a parry/block by “Just Defending” it. And yeah, you’re doing your launch too early if it’s facing the wrong way. If you choose to keep doing the Jab mixup, mix in throws and low attacks as well as launches.

Oro is capable of SGGK using his close Strong and confirming it to chicken if you land the parry, but it’s generally overrated; top players like Dirty and Hungbee never use it.

Just about everyone can punish a blocked chicken, so be careful. It’s often better to just do the 2-hit launch, walk up launch if you’re not sure it’s going to hit.

Late air chicken is totally safe on block (and parry IIRC!), but you can still mix up by simply empty jumping and either throwing or doing a low attack when you land. Low short xx Uppercut and low Forward xx command grab are both option, but risky if blocked. Just don’t be predictable.

Man of Gold is only intended to be the tip of the iceberg. The rest of it is up to you to find.

Oro is not a character that relies on mixup… in fact IMO you SHOULD NOT DO MIXUP.

Oro has some awesome pokes, an amazing backdash, and a one touch kill. This is all you really have to worry about. If you rush down with Oro, you’re going to die. That is pretty much it. You have to play super safe with Oro… NEVER dash forward unless it is safe to dash forward. Oro’s dashback is overpowered… do things like cr.LK, UOH, dash back. Seriously, if they block it you have time to dash back and avoid almost every move in the game. If they get hit by it, you’re laughing. If they parry it, then your doing it too much hahaha.

Watch the pros play. You’ll NEVER see them depending on mixup or rushdown or what have you. Oro is meant to be played defensively. As a result, when you have the opportunity to do MP, don’t chicken unless you KNOW you have the hit. Oro’s MP is nice and slow and you have plenty of time hit confirming into SA3. Don’t try to go for the whole chicken unless you need the meter… it doesn’t do THAT much damage, whereas SA3 does too much damage. Your main concern is getting the super, NOT doing the chicken.

Yeah… so in conclusion, don’t do mixup hahaha.

From your friendly neighbourhood Oro player.

Spectres got the right mind frame for playin oro, defence and safety is everything. But remember, mixups dont have to be risky, and the only point i disagree with Spectre about is “Your main concern is getting the super, NOT doing the chicken.”, cos the way i see it, getting super and doing chicken are exactly the same thing!! you can speed up to activating SAIII so damn fast if you land off-the-ground chicken into chickenx2 then 1hit launch x superjump rh (this builds an entire SAII bar in one :P).

But yes, safety is key, as are pokes.

The main reason why I advise to not doing the whole chicken is because sometimes even the best players can screw up on the chicken against some characters, especially shotos. If you already have a full meter, why do the whole chicken? Maybe even just one rep is enough. I mean sometimes you have to do it (ie. to get chun into the corner to do the 100% stun) but I’ll be the first to admit that I sometimes screw up combos… one screwed up combo can cost you the match. Call me safe, but IMO better safe than sorry.

Ah, if you mean doing chicken once uve got a full bar, then yeah, only do the full chicken combo if they have a lot of health, in order to push them back more and land all roundhouses for the major damage. If theyre gonna die no matter what, then activate ASAP.

Everyone will mess up on a combo against shotos, their juggle frame is hard to see sometimes under pressure. if you have a full meter or even close to a meter after the MP> chicken, just combo into sa3. There is no use getting another 5 frames if it is going to risk you getting 50% damage if you activate.

If you get the sa3 off and take 50% or so damage, it leaves you with an advantage because the opponent will have to chase you after. There is no one that can chase oro’s back dash. You can stick out random pokes after and most people will just run into it because they are chasing you.

The basic rule that I use is that if I have full meter, life is >70%, and I get a MP off, just activate and do the damage. You will take at least 40% of them and have time to build up meter again.

Hung speaks the truth. When does he ever not?

The last time I didn’t take his advice, Arlieth ran all over me. :wink:

Also, be sure to work on 2-hit launch, walk up launch xx super. Not only is it an important Yagyou setup, but it’ll also give you another chance if you choke and screw up launch xx EX Tengu for whatever reason. It’s also good if you land a freak anti-air 2nd-hit launch.


LOL it’s the only combo I screw up on cause you can’t buffer the first QCF motion… I do MP, walk up, MP then spaz like a maniac to get the tengu off haha.

I’m the same way, I can’t do double qcf without buffering. Same goes for two hit c.mp, walk up one hit launch > tengu. I get it sometimes, but I try to avoid it in tournament matches.

As for the juggle on shotos? I say gain confidence before trying it out in tournament matches. I always do the full combo, and I always pull it off. If you’re playing casuals there’s no harm in trying and you will get the timing down flawlessly after a few months of practice. If you have yet to master these combos then don’t risk it in tournament matches.

If you guys have trouble with the buffer, watch Thongboy’s 3s tutorial and watch the virtual joystick do supers. You do it just like those. Once I practiced it a lot I got it down.

Doing whole chicken combos on shotos is too much for me though. Even if I practiced it a whole lot and could do it in casuals, in a tourney, I’d definitely get nervous and drop them.

So you guys never do standing MP -> MK chicken on a dude for fear of him blocking? I do meaty on the other dude’s wakeup in case he tries to wakeup throw or something else. If people block on wakeup a lot, I do find myself getting punished a shitload, so I start doing throws on their wakeup a lot.

When else do you guys usually land chicken combos? I already know that the late air chicken is pretty good…anything else?

dash under jump ins works ok