Oro's Supers

I just started playing Oro and I was wondering is there times where I should choose one SA over the other to make a match up better, if so what are they?

Super 3 is the general go to super against most characters. Super 2 is a good choice on characters who don’t have a good way out of the unblockable loop, or if you need the ex meter. Super 1 is generally considered not as viable as the other two.

If you’re new to Oro, you should read the complete Oro thread in the Oro section:

Oh man, thank you I couldn’t find a 3rd strike thread and the guide is horrible. Found a youtube vid but never spoke about what super to use. Awesome thank you so much.

SA1 is only for trolling. You can jump out of the EX grab version on reaction.

SA3 is standard, and SA2 is for characters that can be crossed up in the corner/have an easy unblockable loop/are easy to fuck with when using SA2. (ie Dudley, Alex, Hugo, Necro and 12)

Even then it’s down to personal preference and playstyle. Both SA2 and 3 are totally viable in most matchups.

You can actually combo EX SA1 off of low fierce, but yeah, it isn’t good.