Oro's Unblockables?

Hey I know that if i sifted through all the back post i may find all of oro’s unblockables (both ex sun disc and super II) but i think it would be cool to have a new thread devoted to just his unblockables so any help would be nice.

Long live Oro and 3rd Strike!

In my opinion, EX fireball unblockables are not worth your time since they’re so easily escaped by Quick Standing. The most reliable unblockables involve sticking a Yagyou Dama at the end of a juggle. The juggle prevents the Yagyou from hitting too many times before the opponent hits the ground, and the Yagyou itself makes it impossible to Quick Stand.

Just for the sake of reference, here’s a picture of the amount of meter needed before the first hit to 100% any character in the game.

The top meter: Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Sean, Urien, Necro, Ibuki, Remy, Twelve, Elena, Chun-Li, Makoto.
The second meter: Alex, Q, Oro, Dudley.
The third meter: Yun, Yang.
The bottom meter: Hugo.

thanks for the meters. could you post the actual setups and execution of the unblockables. I know the basic idea of throwing the yagyou dama at then end of a chicken kick chain but i’m not exactly clear on the best method of cross up. i think a while back i read something about doing a HK or MK chicken kick but I don’t think i’ve ever gotten that to work. anyway any setups you can provide would be nice.

I’m working with Streak on a video featuring character-specific setups. When I have the text file written, I’ll put it up on the karathrow.com forums.

sounds good.

{Obsolete FAQ deleted.}

Good stuff. Thanks for the post. I’m excited to see the video when it’s done. Any idea when that would be?

Depends if we run into snags in the editing. It’ll most likely be released in August, but there’s a chance of it being out in time for Evo.

awaits video patiently

Sorry, the video’s postponed until I get my hands on the PS2 version. Doing an unblockable tutorial on the DC version just isn’t right… :frowning:

i’ve been practicing all these combos on the PS2 version and they are great. Still working on the vdj. HK timing on some characters but i’m loving it. Can’t wait for the video once you get the good copy of the game.

Good to hear, r0b. I can’t wait to get my hands on it myself and tweak the timings. I also want to keep working on finding alternatives to sequences where you need to dash more than once, ie. Chun/Mako, Yun/Yang, and the shotos. Once I get those down, it’ll go into the text file accompanying the video.

And r0b, how are you testing these? Are you getting a friend to block, or are you using a training dummy set on “auto guard”?

One more thing… which characters are you having problems with vdj Roundhouse timing? That might help me a lot.

i printed Jinrai’s post via MS Word, using two colums. it looks like a recipe sheet (especially with “stocks required” and “chicken” appearing so often) :cool:

i’ve tested the unblockables on the Shotos on PS2, and they work on human players. the training dummy guards everything on auto block…

awaits video patiently

Glass, try having the opponent walk into the Yagyou as they get up and hold that direction. Can they still not block if you mistime the roundhouse?

And unfortunately, you’ll have to be very patient. Once I’m able to work with the PS2 version next week, I’ll essentially be doing everything over from scratch. Late August seems reasonable.

what are all of the set ups for oro’s unblocks? thanx.

Jinrai -
Why do these elaborate setups wouldn’t ]launching, ex sdp, mk crossover]*n work? Or just because its easier to escape this setup?

Also how does quickstand effect these setups? I mean any good player is gonna quickstand so won’t they be out of reach then?

Quickstanding does make the unblockable you mentioned useless. When you get hit by a super, however, the game will not let you quickstand. That’s why all of the unblockables I listed involve the Yagyou Dama.

Alright then I’ve got another question since I definately need to switch from SA3 to SA2…

When you say for example against Ken:
chicken combo, cancel mp into strong sa2, dash twice, j, vdj, so that’s jump and land then jump and in the air jump again?

Nope. Just vertical double jump after you’re on the other side of Ken’s body. When I say “empty jump” (like for Alex), that’s when you should land.

Oh, and don’t give up Tengu Stone. Use both super arts and find which ones are better for you in certain matchups. For example, I prefer Tengu Stone against Chun-Li and Yagyou against Dudley.