OS and throw teching

Hi I had a question thats been bothering while I play. If someone comes at me and i throw out the back LP LK OS can I be hit by a 3 frame DP (aka the block wont come out). I’m pretty sure its yes, but I’d like to hear the details behind if I should be timing things better or that I am taking a risk by using that OS blindly.

I think you need to do a bit more research on the game mechanics. If you’re not already in block stun of course a shoryu will beat crouch tech. You hit a button :rolleyes:

Watch how people punish crouch tech in high level play. They will frequently set frame traps to get a counter hit on that c.lk or delay the shoryuken/special. There was a tournament Alex Valle played (unfortunately, been a while and can’t remember which on) where he got to the finals just by throwing people who were afraid of crouch teching and EX Tatsu > Ultra when they did.

So yes, you’re taking a risk doing it blindly.

what does everyone think of this while on the topic of teching throws ?

Air (Ryu): Ryu’s Fundamentals Part 3

“There is another way of teching I like to the ?TKD Method? because I think he’s the only one that does it. First tech (lk+lp) crouching and then right away stand up and tech within a split second. In other words, press lp+lk to tech two times or MASH tech first crouching then immediately stand tech. TKD has around 85% tech rate with this method. However, the best “tech throw” player is Aojiru Guile…he can do it almost 95%…or even higher…it’s very very rare that you see him get thrown or throw him.”

Does he do this because the window for standing tech is larger? I’d actually like to know…

Standing tech is better against throws because if you do it early the opponent will end up teching your throw. However, if you crouch tech too early you’ll get thrown out of the startup of your crouching move. The technique you use depends on your opponent. If their block strings start with a low and then into a mid, then crouch tech followed by stand tech is a good technique. If however you’re facing a Ryu opponent (for example), then going from crouching to standing tech can be risky because Ryu’s block string starts with cr.lk xx cr.lk. If you stand after the first cr.lk you’ll get hit by the next one.