OS for rolls on wakeup

now before i get started on explaining how its done let me start by saying that an opponent can block upon rolling so nothing can punish a roll, however you can do things to keep the pressure up and try to mix the opponent up if the do happen to roll. This is where option selects come in handy.
i dont know if every character can do it, but for a character to be able to os a roll, that character simply needs to have either a forward directional command move or a special move with a forward button notation.

an example of a normal would be kazuyas f.lk
if i press b.lk on their wakeup at the right time, if they sit there i will get lk but if they roll they will be in front of me, and i will get f.lk which follows their roll.

an example of a special would be poisons qcb+k
if i press qcf+k, and my opponent sits there, nothing but a kick will come out.
but if i press qcf+k and they roll, then my qcb+k will come out and follow the roll allowing me to keep pressure.

this is something that can help people deal with rolls since they seem to find them so annoying and im not positive but i believe every character can do something similar to these. how effective their version may be depends on the character.

I really hate option selects and hope there turns out to be very few in SFxT, it just makes the game brainless because you risk nothing.