OS input question

I like to OS bingo or EX bingo cause its so damn easy. I just hold the punches, jump in kick, let go of punches and press mp or hp, it punishes the backdash and continues block or hit strings otherwise.

For the mk Ruffian (for like after a backthrow) I was jumping in and doing the mk RK as late as possible, it punishes backdash and hits normally as a mk jump in if they block or whatever else.

I tried this method for OS jump in u2, but it doesn’t really work. I jump in and try to buffer the motions and press PPP, so that a HP would hit or the u2 comes out if they backdash, but this just doesn’t work.

I always people talk about OS’s but was hoping someone can explain to me the specific button presses or timing used so I can be sure I’m doing it properly. (I can do the s.lk OS u2, that ones pretty self explanatory)

you have to input a jump in attack and buffer the ultra motion into it.

eg. backthrow, forward jump, j.hk~qcb,qcb+ppp~whatever normal.
the motion has to be inputed rather near to the ground ofc. if the kick hits/gets blocked, it won’t come out. if it whiffs due to opponents backdash etc u2 will come out. tho, I don’t like u2 OS in this setup (s.lk os is way better for that). imo it’s way to unreliable since it’ll even come out if they do a wake up move which will make ur attack whiff.

how exactly do I put this into practice in training mode? would I have to be the dummy and back dash?

Practicing is a pain in the ars imo. You need to set the dummy as cody, and do the OS as a recording and play it back against yourself. Then when the recording plays back against you, do nothing, backdash, try to attack, etc.