OS/ Safe Jump/ Frame Trap Research & Findings



So I’ve been doing some research over the past three days on OS’s Safe Jump’s, and Frame Traps. I hope that you’ll go and try some of this stuff out yourselves, because it gives you a much better understanding of the engine [For example, you can start up the first hit of a TC and just mash basically all the buttons to get the rest of it, because the only thing that trumps a TC in priority is a Focus Attack. Pretty funny to do.] Also, hope everyone can find a take away from this because the stuff in here will make you better. Period.

Wake-Option Selects

These are in order of a mixture of speed and range. I set them up so that the last few will catch Anyone [Barlog, Chun, & Rose included] from their backdashes; however the first few may work on character’s with slower, shorter backdashes.

c.lk [very slight pause] c.mk[List][*]This is an easy-mode wake-up option select, because if a target combo is slightly delayed, it reverts back to a normal. If the opponent blocks/get’s hit: You get Target combo 2. If they backdash, you get a meaty c.lk and then c.mk that does a hard knock down.[/List]

c.lp, c.lp + c.mk[List][*]This is probably the most basic of option selects. You get a knock down, throw out a meaty jab, and then do the second jab so that it chains into the second. If the first jab connects, the second jab will come out. If it misses, you will get a c.mk sweep. Do note that c.lp + c.mk means that must be pressed at the same time.[/List]

c.lk > s.mk~s.hp[List][*]This is a wake-up option select, that like the ones listed previously, does not knock down, but does provide what I feel is at least decent damage. after the meaty c.lk, you plink s.mk and s.hp [If you feel you can do them both together, feel free. I just found it easier to plink] if the c.lk hits, you continue with target combo 2, and if it misses, you do a s.hp. I understand that it is not as damaging as one of dudley’s high/low punishment combo’s, nor does it perpetuate itself like the other option selects that knock down; however I feel that 130 Damage and 200 Stun is a loud enough call to your opponent to tell them to stop backdashing, so that you can do a high/low mix-up next time.[/List]

f.mk, hp DP[List][*]This is a great OS, that punishes even some of the more decent backdashes [not god-like rose or chun, but other characters, like Guile]. It does take a work to get the timing down, but once you do it’s great. Upon your opponent’s wake up do a meaty f.mk, and then at the end of the f.mk do a heavy punch Jet Upper. If it hits, the Jet Upper will not come out and you can continue into the next button you press [usually a block string unless you’ve got good reactions] and if the f.mk misses, you get the hp Jet Upper. Be very careful with this, and only use it if you are absolutely certain you are able to catch your opponent’s backdash, because if it misses, you will be in a world of hurt.[/List]

f.mk, f.mp[List][*] This is only good because of how far it reaches [and in AE, it will be even better]. Like the previous combo, do a meaty f.mk and just before the end of it press f.mp. If the f.mk hits, the f.mp won’t come out and you can continue with whatever. If the f.mk misses, the f.mp will come out and because of it’s decent range will catch quite a few backdashes. This one isn’t great because it only does 80 damage, and doesn’t really give your opponent reason to stop backdashing. If they’re weighing the risk, the might as well take 80 damage, than have to guess and potentially lose 1/3rd of their life bar. But it still tags them with something, and I guess that’s all that matters [/List]

f.mk, lp mgb[List][*]This OS catches everything except invincible damaging reversals [and let’s face it, if they were going to do a wake up ultra, you were going to get if you used any of these anyway.] Like the set-ups before it do a f.mk that is meaty and time the lp mgb right at the end of the the f.mk. If the meaty hit’s you can follow up with whatever you want, but if it misses, lp mgb will. If it sounds like I’m hyping this option select up, I’m not. It’s only great because it will catch everyone without fail, but it doesn’t knock down [however you are at +2], and only does 90 damage vs. high/low damage or some of the other OS, but it is Guaranteed damage, and if I understand the AE blogs right, and people are really airborne at the end of their dashes, it may knock them down in AE.[/List]

Of course, I have left some out, because
A. I’m not doing all the damn work and
B. I hope that you’ll do your own exploring and figure some stuff out on your own.

Frame Traps

There isn’t much here to be said except

f.mk, c.mp
f.mk, c.lk
f.mk, s.hk
f.mk, s.lk > s.mk > s.mp, c.lp or s.hk

Some of these aren’t true frame traps, but they look it, and they’re tight enough to the point where it’ll be hard for your opponent to tell. Also try and make the connection as to why they’re all f.mk [Hint: look at the wake-up OS’es]. If you want to know the exact numbers and stuff, look it up. But over all, play with these too.

Safe Jumps/Faux Safe Jumps/Tricky Shit

So you are all pretty much aware of Dudley’s business elbow, and the absurd priority it has against a lot of attacks. Messing with safe jumps today, I came across some pretty cool things, that will make the people who have safe-jump proof moves [I’m looking at your Ryu, Ken, and Akuma :arazz:] think twice before letting their DP rip.

Try this on your own and then chuckle a bit at the results:
*Go into training mode, set the first character to Ryu and the second to Dudley.
Upon entering training mode, go to record and record Dudley doing this to Ryu:

c.mk, take a quick step back, jf. hk

Now set it on playback and as Ryu, do a reversal lp DP.
Observe results*

If you did all of that right, you beat ryu’s reversal lp DP. If Ryu tries to delay it you just hit him with the elbow. I did some testing on Ryu, Ken, and Akuma and these are pretty much all in your favor. Below you’ll find a small chart detailing the results you’d get vs. the three different character’s lp, mp, and hp DP’s.

Beats: Ryu: lp & hp, Ken: lp & hp, Akuma: lp
Trades*: Ryu: mp, Akuma: mp
Loses: Ken: mp, Akuma: hp

*Trades are in your favor unless you are jumping from the corner.

Be advised that described above is a safe jump set-up so, as Dudley, if you do an empty jump, 4 frame moves and up will be blocked, and if your opponent backdashes on wake up, you can do the Daigo Option select by inputting hp DP just before landing and catch most backdashes.

On another note, Dudley has a pretty tricky set-up that will trip up people expecting a normal safe jump, of which he can take advantage of. It’s what I call a “faux safe jump”.

Before I explain what it is, go into training mode, with the first character as Sagat, and the second character as Dudley, set Dudley to record and do this set-up:

forward throw, lk duck, jf. hk

Now set him to playback and when he jumps at you try to tiger uppercut Dudley out of the air. You should not be able to because Sagat’s uppercuts are all 5 frames of start-up. Normally only moves with 4 frames or less of start-up will catch an oppnent who safe jumps with an attack from the air, so Sagat’s 5 frame uppercut will never hurt you provided you do the set-up right.

Now go back and set the first character to Ken [someone who has a 3 frame[lp, hp] and a 4 frame [mp] uppercut. Dudley should still be on playback, so all you have to do is get thrown and first, start with your mp uppercut, which should catch Dudley because he’s doing an attack in the air.

Hrm… it didn’t work. That’s strange. Normally you should be able to catch him. Well, if a 4 frame upperct didn’t work, let’s try the grand-daddy of uppercuts. The 3 frame uppercut.

What the fu-…? It still didn’t work. Well I’ll let you in on a secret. What you’re doing isn’t actually a safe-jump set-up but rather a fake one. It only looks like it, and you will only ever be beaten by a move with 2 frames of start-up.

In an actual safe-jump set-up you will normally hit your opponent with your air attack if they are not blocking; however, with the set-up I provided, it looks like you’ll hit your opponent, but you won’t. You could safe this is the safest set-up but it comes at the price of only doing damage if your opponent get’s tricked by it. In order to do an actual safe-jump set-up variation of what I just outlined, you’re missing a few frames, so if you were to do mk ducking instead of lk, it becomes an actual safe-jump set-up. You can also tack on the Daigo OS at the end if your opponent is backdash happy.

Thanks to Goldgunman for all the option-select videos, of which details even more option select’s that I did not even touch on here, and also to WestAB, the Akuma player, for putting up with all my non-sensical and now, seemingly stupid questions.

Dudley Q&A: Let's learn... like Gentlemen!
The Gentleman's Encyclopedia: Aristocrat Edition

I was playing around with the LK and MK duck set ups. you can mix and match them after throws to land meaty ground attacks as well.


You can use ducks to time meatys off techable knockdowns as well, such as blah stHK xx EX MGB Duck Straight

I don’t really care for your frame trap section. I think people who ask “What are Dudley’s frame traps” need to hit up a glossary and find out exactly what frame traps are first.


Dudley’s pseudo safe jump vs ken’s MP DP can trade from anywhere.

Free Ultra


Thank you for the guide, sir. An OS thread has been a request for months now.


This is great, thank you.


u should include throw and duck upper safe jumps too.
meaty jab f.MK and c.short OSs and set ups from diff knockdowns (c.hk u1 u2)


Duck Upper set ups are pretty important tbh. And HP Jet Upper/LP MGB juggle set ups too


Anyone suggesting the duck upper set-ups able to give me a starting place? I’m getting beat my 6 frame reversals after a lk duck and jump.


I only use Duck Upper Safe jumps vs 7 framers and above. Try vs Cviper or Gen.
I’ll go into the lab and find all possiblities for it later since the new bnbs will be EX MGB/c.HK > Duck Straight > EX Duck Upper and LP Jet Upper > EX Duck Upper.

Isnt really something to look into now.


After a MK Ducking Uppercut just do a single forward dash then a jump HK. Safe jumps 5 frames. Loses to Dudley EX Jet Upper and Ken MP SRK, Flash Kick etc


Are there any safe jump set ups off Ultra 1 mid screen? I’ve noticed Marn’s videos of a Balrog-like ambiguous cross up which is quite good.


Hm…i don’t know any.I just have an instinct when to jump after it.I pretty consistent against 5 framers or less,and i sometimes even get it vs flashkicks.(the hard part is landing the ultra against Guile lol)


Just tested this
Ex MGB>lk duck upper>lk duck>jhk

Beats: Ryu: lp & hp, Ken: lp, Akuma: lp
Trades*: Ryu: mp, Ken: hp
Loses: Ken: mp, Akuma: mp & hp

Ex MGB>mk duck upper>forward dash>jhk

Beats: Ryu: lp & hp, Ken: lp & hp, Akuma: lp
Trades*: Ryu: mp
Loses: Ken: mp, Akuma: mp & hp

Ex MGB>lk duck upper>forward dash>jhk

Safe jumps against 5 frame reversal


Not going to go into my Notepad of Option Selects (holy shit that list) until AE since all of my timings are probably screwed now (f.mk s.lk c.LP) omg capcom at least give me a release date.

Also I’ll be making videos for EVERYTHING Dudley after AE DLC.

So Imma need you guys to come up with some set ups and test them against everything.


Probably old news but i didnt see it sooo,

C.lk OS uc1/uc2. U1 is much better for this one tho, it catches all backdashes ive seen except for rose, and alot of specials with inv. Note: this cant be used everytime u do a combo, because 1. The timing is tight to not cancel into a special, if u do it to fast u get lk xx cmddash/tk mk/mgp/uppercut depending on ultra, to late and u get the ultra out whiff or not. 2. I think its either impossible or very hard to combo after hit, if u try to combo after u get super/upper/dash or whatever depending on ur
Meter and the buttons u press.

Personally i found this to combat rose annoying backdash but it doesnt work against her lol. I find it very useful and hit it all the time. Some setups to bait backdash on wakeup would be forward throw hk cmd dash, lk cmd dash, late crtech ultra os, or any safejump late crtech os ultra etc.

Last note, i think u can do any of these but add cr lk into lp mgp so that comes out on block/hit and ultra on whiff.

I find it very useful, srry for my bad explantion and if this was known.


I got my CD again for my capcard so i am going to put more time into my dudley to level my skills up a bunch and idk maybe find some new setups to help out.


I think it’s safest if you can get the timing down so that if it hits you get the target combo, s.mk to finish the target combo, but if it whiffs, you get ultra. That’s the way I’ve done it.


We tried meaty c.LK~st.MK / U1 Option Select, and it didn’t catch Chun Li, Rose or Cammy’s backdash from what we could see. Possibly werent catching them on the 4th active frame though

Using the ‘Alioune’ Option select of meaty Target Combo on hit/block or Ultra if they back dash.

Meaty f+MK / U1 OS caught them though. Getting the st.LP out so it combos is damn hard though


With Ultra 2 I have been trying meaty st.LP ~ st.MP Target combo with U2 input underneath the TC. It’s safe on block. On hit you can combo into st.HK and on back dash U2 comes out.


I’ve gotten meaty c.lk>s.mk / U1 to work on them [Rose & Chun] on more than one occasion I’ll test Cammy though.