Oscars for Most Intimidating Non-Attack Moves?

What are the best most intimidating non-attack moves? For me, Alex’s dash forward is too intimadating for the opponent, makes him feel like he is in the corner and cannot escape.

List of most intimidating moves (in no particular order):

Walk forwards: Q (just steps forward evenly with perfect posture)
Walk backwards: Necro (intimidating long pokes can get you however far away he walks back)
Dash forwards: Alex
Dash backwards: Dudley (intimidatingly skips backwards)
Standing still stance: Ibuki (notice her subtle left hand movements here: http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20080210073423/streetfighter/images/f/fc/Ibuki-ts-stance.gif )
Crouching still stance: Remy (dude brush-flicks his hair occasionlly)
Taunt: Ken (fast taunt to frustrate anybody)
Jump: Elena (says ‘whooo’ when she super jumps)
Parry: Elena (just brushes away the hits as they come)
Best Voice: Oro
Best leg movements: Dudley’s rapidly skipping legs (http://images.wikia.com/streetfighter/images/8/88/Dudley-stance.gif)
Best entry to a match: Dudley
Best post match action: Q (walks forward to proceed to step on your face)

i’m glad you got oro for best voice, it’s an honor just to be nominated

Ryu with full Shin-Shoryuken anywhere on the screen.