Oshawa sf4 players

I just moved down to this area and i know of NO sf4 players down here, get into this thread if u live in durham region.

sorry theres no one in durham

I’m in Brooklin/Whitby - PSN NoWisdom

I live in whitby. Need to dual mod my stick before I can get on psn

Gt on xbox and psn is socksfelloff

I live in Oshawa as well, and would love to gather up some SF players

XBL Gamertag: FullgoreKI

Check this thread out if you are up for participating in Canada wide rankings for 3S/CVS2/MVC2/ST/HF/CE/A3/A2.

It’s to get people interested in the older games again.

Don’t worry if there are only a few of you in your region for any particular game, everyone is pretty much in the same boat in that regard.