"Osu!" Paul Video Thread



Got any matches, strategy or combo videos? This is the place to post and discuss them.


Is this also for general videos about the character (i.e. tutorials)? Because LevelUpYourGame did a pretty nice video that should be good enough to help us all get started, at least.


I’d gather all non “technology/new combo” [belongs to combo or general discussion thread] video content here yes. (gonna edit the op, thx).

said video:
starts around 21:40.



From the front page news article today. There’s some good stuff in this.


The overhead crossup whiffs if they stay crouch blocking in the corner. I didn’t test outside corner, so it’s actually very bad in corner as you are definitely very punishable =(.


he makes use of chain combos (highly uneffctive but in a few occasions).





Poongko using Paul


sadly he just wins because his opponent suxx =/
didn’t do much else but s.lp, cl.mp jump.


Hard to say also if there was the mental intimidation factor of fighting poongko. I would think the guy can’t be that bad, given his current BP, I wonder how he would’ve done if poongko played on an unknown tag with 0 bp though.

I never ever use ex phoenix smasher as a reversal to break block strings though. I think I’ll take a look at that actually =)

Edit: Weird, I don’t see the guide showing any invuln frames on EX phoenix smasher and startup is 12 frames. Now I wanna test stuff when I get home.


that’s his cross cancel x) which I preach since the first day: USE IT! ppl totally forget about it and this is also a weakness paul has since smasher has such a huge block stun it’s really easy to cross cancel (which the opponent doesn’t use at all, hence why I call him bad). CC will be widley used later on.


Ahhh, now it makes sense. =)

I’ve been generally saving my meter to counter with Guile since he gets followups at least. But yes, I totally forgot about Paul’s counter. I haven’t been able to do any followups after Paul’s counter even when tagging in Guile =(.


I like Paul a lot, even if I don’t use him often since he doesn’t really help my main character (Cole) but hey, he’s tons of fun.
So I thought, why not help that part of the forum a bit too?

Oh and he probably got the best english voice ever (I’ve never played a Tekken before.)


I’ve just decided to look up some video’s, but there are hardly any… shame, 'cause he seems like a really funny character.

*Dare I say that he might just be the Dan of SFxT? *


Poongko ( Law x Paul ) Vs Haneyama ( Jin x Chun Li )


For the first video, can I assume that his double Phoenix Smashers on their wakeup (starts around 2:35) were done with such incredible timing the Kazuya could literally do nothing, or were they hitting most likely because the Kazuya was doing something on wakeup besides block? It’s too fast to tell.



I made a video on the info I’ve learned on Paul so far in a tutorial like form. There might not be anything new here for you guys, but I thought it would be a good idea to compile a lot of Paul info in one place.


Good stuff for anyone trying to learn Paul from scratch. I enjoyed it.


Probably old news by now, but anti-air EX shredder can be followed up with sweep for hard knockdown, followed by (fake) cross up mk on wakeup, or with cr. HP into EX smasher (no juggle after this, but maybe useful if you need the extra damage to finish off the opponent).


Oh, and an early timed standing HK works really well as an anti-air, even from long range. I’m planning to make a video soon to summarise some of the things I’ve found.