OSU School of Hard Knocks

A few friends and I have decided that we can’t let the Portland folks have all the fun, so we’re building a local fighting games community in Corvallis. The gaming lab staff are behind us, and will actually stock the lab with games and fightsticks once things are established, but in the interim there’s a lot of BYOGear going on. There ARE consoles (4 360s, 3 ps3s) and TVs/monitors for us, and if you play with pad then there’s plenty of those about too.

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition is our primary game of choice right now, but this is an effort to build a community, so I expect to see it branch out to other games once the connections have been established and common interests are discovered. (Personally, I will throw down at Soul Calibur II ANYTIME.)

Come by for a whole session, just an hour, or just a match or two. Half the battle is just knowing who you are! All skill levels welcome, (seriously, the dozen or so players I’ve met in town so far have a BROAD range of skill) but we want people who are looking to improve.

See you there!

I’ll try being there man. It’s a big day for me in OSU but I’d love to see what some other players can do. Lets see how some people put up with the Cammy-pressure.

If ya’ll find the time, which I know is hard with classes and what not, sneak up to Best Bout on Tuesday nights!

I go to OSU often for work, in fact I was there today around 4PM. Next time I’m around I’ll check you guys out.

I’m doing some post-bacc stuff at OSU but that 11-2pm slot is when I have lab.

Are you guys doing this other times as well?

I’d like to know as well. I go to dixon often and can stop by to check it out sometime since it’s nearby.

There’s another meet up at the OSU New Media Lab (4th floor of Stag) tomorrow at 11 to 2 again. (Feb 9th, 2012)

We’ll be setting a new time for Spring term, once schedules get ironed out a little more. Stay tuned to this space for details!

Sounds good, keep us posted. I’ll probably have the same Tues and Thurs schedule in Corvallis so hopefully something on those days later in the day?

Cheering you guys on! It was so much fun pulling together and maintaining a fighting game community at OSU way back when I was there.

Glad to see you guys and the Gaming lab are working together on it! Keep it up and keep the word going!