OT: Beta / Pre-release pics of SFIV?


I remember there being an article that showed sf4 in its beta stages. Had a Ryu and Ken that resembled their sf3 look. Also had different stages.

Anyone know where I can find that article again?


I don’t know what article you’re talking about but here is some SF4 Beta footage


Neat to see some of the differences. Look at how slow Chun Li’s walk speed was! Also it looks like back in beta counterhitting an airborne opponent caused a knockdown like it does in SFxT


Whoa! The Ultra meter was located next to the life bar? It looks nice next to the life bar, but I glad they move it next to the super bar. Also, what the hell was up with Abel and Chun-Li character art? Abel looks like a stone cold killer and Chun looks… well… :wasted:


I dunno, but I preferred the original Ryu art.


The first revision of the Beta-build didn’t have traditional 2D hit/hurt boxes, that was added later after test players didn’t like the way normals and special moves worked.

Jumps were very quick and fast and that was adjusted in later builds.


I like how C.Viper was hotter in the beta version.


Yeah, IIRC that is why a lot of the moves have procedurally generated hurtboxes. I remember reading that during the early stages of the game, ALL hurtboxes where supposed to be based on the model. After many complained, they decided to change it, but not for all animations sadly.


iirc the earliest pics of sf4 were ryu and ken on the chinatown stage. and aside from one shot where the ryu model looked ok because of the angle, all of the pics looked just as ugly as the final game. i think the ryu vs ken trailer debuted at an elitexc kimbo fight. most of us were like “that looks awful,” mainly because of the animation. that never really changed but i guess the masses liked it.

there was never any article where they looked like their sf3 counterparts or had different stages to my knowledge. maybe that was fan made material.


^ I know which you are referring to te earliest of the sf4 pictures that everyone said look Ryu has a boner.

The article. Im referring to was on eventhubs (that was probably grafted from a SF devblog) that was released way after ssf4 was famous. Ryu and Ken look completely different

I cant search eventhubs because everytime I search “street fighter early build” or “street fighter beta” it gives me ultra sf4 early build or beta


I think I know what you’re talking about now, and I’m pretty sure it’s concept art.
Is one of the stages a sort of city background that looks kinda like Roses’s A1 stage? If so, then yeah that’s concept art.


Old stuff


edit: it duplicated my post.


It wasnt concept art it showed the life bars and everything. I think it was last year in event hubs. Its so impossible to search that site. “Early build” and pre release gives me ultra sf4 results

Also the concept Ryus above look amazing and way better than what we got. The earliest build of sf4 article, showed Ryu and Ken looking much different than what we got. Albeit much uglier. Ryu was pale and I believe in the article Ryu had a second ultra already


Concept art can include life bars as you can see in that Guile vs Ryu concept art just posted.

As for the concept Ryu’s looking amazing? I beg to differ. They have some of the most god awful proportions. WTF is wrong with everyone’s shoulders? Ryu has a tiny fucking head and his shoulders reach up to his ears. His shoulder width is like 5.5 heads wide. He looks like one of the Goombas from the Super Mario Brothers movie.


Concept art can have life bars yes but the article has it in game the earliest build. It wasnt artwork it was 3d models in game and I believe Ryu could choose between two ultras


Pretty sure this never existed as a game.


No not the concept art. Youre getting confused. Thats artwork by ikeno thats in every sf4 artbook.

The article Im looking for was capcom showing the very first build (before the 2008 “first pic” released in EGM).


the super bar was filling so fast damn, ultra should have the same rate, it would be so much more fun


I don’t have them with me now, but there used to be shots of an even older build where the super and ultra meters were just plain bars and there was even a visible stun bar.


>visible stun bars

Oh the things we want but can’t have.