OT - Capcom Design Works - Early Days Artbook



The new Capcom Design Works artbook is on eBay. Ill wait until i find out whats the content like (the cover resembles the Gamest Book and the name and listings resemble the previous CDW…).

Not to mention i hate videogameya.


What’s wrong with videogameya? I’ve never heard of him.


I pre-ordered the book last week. No matter what’s in it, 25 dollars for a 200 page art book is a steal.

Besides, Capcom Artwork old and New has always been good.


Where else can I purchase this book ?
Anywhere in the US ?

I dont wanna wait 4-6 weeks :frowning:


You’ll probably have to wait a while before you can purchase it in the US. You can Pre Order it at a bookstore, but you’ll still have to wait four to six weeks.

I ordered my copy at Taokyo Central. It’s a bit cheaper, depending on which type of mail service you use.




Could any body tell me what’s the difference between this one and the one in the first post?



Also… how is that different than this one?


Are they all reprints?


:slight_smile: The first is a remake of the original.

:slight_smile: Capcom Design Works = Authentic Capcom Merchandise. Completely different illustration. One of the best Capcom illustrations.


Hey Bengus! Any cover for the Street Fighter coming along? :smiley:


Capcom Design Works Early Days is the same as Gamest Mook Capcom Illustrations?


I have that book, or the remake rather, it’s pretty damn nice. Unfortunatly there is no Giga Wing art, I love those games…
But a lot of art for pretty much all Capcom games other then that.


I’m looking to sell a couple of artbooks if you guys are interested:

Capcom Design Works (the Original, not the old school one)
Two Record of Lodoss War OVA books
A FFX book
Record of Lodoss War ANAM
Breath of Fire Dragon Quarter Book
King of Fighters book
Syd Mead’s Sentury
A Yoshitaka Amano book


Ahh thanks for clearing things up Bengus.:smiley:


This is the descrption of the “Early Days” version of the Gamest Mook vol. 17 at TokyoCentral:

"A great art book and fun Flash-Back for Capcom and early game fans!Similar to the previous Capcom Design Works, this release is filled with full and partial page color works of character art, promotional art, game center posters, packaging art, some fan art, comic, etc. Unlike the first Design Works, this one also has 40+ pages of rough sketch, a small selection of monochrome/color conceptual art, and more, making this release more of a “Design Works”. Inside you’ll find an extensive array of characters from 50 game titles, taking you back in time to the early days of arcade gaming. While the main focus is on Capcom’s most famous games, you’ll also find many others.
A few games (some games include a variety of series) inside:

  • Street Fighter
  • Vampire Hunter
  • Star Gladiator
  • Powered Gear
  • Cyber Bots
  • Captain Commando
  • Last Fight
  • X-MEN
  • Marvel Super Heroes
  • Rockman Dash
  • Strider Hiryu
  • Wonders
  • the Nights of the Round
  • Makai-Mura
  • Lost Worlds
  • Wolf of A Battlefield
  • Top Secret
  • Rush&Crush
  • HigeMaru
  • Gun Smoke
  • Ultimate Ecology
  • Varth
  • Last Duel "

I’m not sure if it’s just the old book with some additions or completely different. I got a cheap copy at ebay of the black one (not Early Days). They sell it at ebay for about $17 while the original can cost more than $100 but I didn’t know that at the time so I bought a rip off but it’s still quite good and worth $17 (is it illegal to say that?) eventhough 2 or 3 pages are not printed very well.


I just got my copy of Capcom Early Days! It’s mostly a brand new edition of Capcom Illustrations but his book has a few more Drawings that Capcom Illustrations doesn’t. Tonight I’ll do a side by side comparison and point out the differences.


Nevermind. It has LOTS of artwork that was not in Capcom Illustrations, and pretty much all of the Artwork in Capcom Illustrations. The few Art Pieces I noticed are missing are in SF Eternal anyway. This time there’s more stuff on Megaman, Star Gladiator, Strider, some SF3 stuff and much much more. Even if you have Capcom Illustrations, this is a MUST BUY!


Most notably, the 2 sketches of Belial (Morrigan’s father) from Capcom Illustrations are missing. Like I said, whatever SF stuff is missing is in SF Eternal. So at the cheap price, I recomend buying this book especially since it’s hard to find an Original Version of Capcom Illustrations since Gamest went bankrupt. Ebay is selling lots of cheap copies of it that if you hold up to the original look very bad. I got my Capcom Illustrations Mook back when the book came out.


Can you name some rare pics of eternal cause it’s so freakin expensive and I got some artbooks and guides with art sections already? are the pics large enough? some of the Capcom Design Works pics are just way too small, I don’t want to buy it for $35+and then have to use a magnifier. Something else that pissed me off about the Capcom Design works was that some pics were missing for example the Sean pic of SFIII, it only had the one with the basketball which is not his usual vs screen pic. And in the A. A. Capcom book they had Daruns SFEX2 pic in the SFEX section eventhough it doesn’t fit in there at all, no idea how that could happen. Are there any of those things in Eternal too?


It’s probably not a good idea for me to discuss SF Eternal in detail here since Studio Udon is going to release the book in the US. I can tell you it doesn’t have anything on SF EX really since the game is outside of Street Fighter Continuity and made by another company.


So now I dont have to pay $37 bucks for the import? Cool! Thanks for the info cause I was going to buy the Eternal book.


Uhm I don’t get it, you can still describe it no matter if they’ll release it in English or not. What’s so special about it or why should I buy it?