Otakon 2006 Tournaments

Just wondering who here is planning on attending. The tournaments have been posted. http://www.otakon.com/events_videogames.asp

Personally Im not too thrilled about 3rd Strike being on Xbox again this year, and I’d like to see it changed to PS2. What do you guys think about this? I’ve already emailed them, and so has a friend of mine. If they don’t reply, then as soon as the game room opens at noon that Friday, Im gonna see if I can talk to someone about having it changed. I’d even donate my game to make it possible. But if everyone doesnt care then I won’t bother.

i can bring a ps2 with 3s. also is there any word on the prizes for the tournaments?

No word so far. There arent any cash prizes though Im sure.

no street fighter games other than 3S… i’m totally not there :tdown:

no marvel, no cvs2, no super turbo… gheyhey

if your down for the attemp to get it changed back to ps2 then im all for it. i’ll try to get at the game room at noon as well if the line outside of the convention isn’t TOO long.

You’d better get there either really early or late into the afternoon. The line can get BLOCKS long.

Also, I’m much for 3S being on PS2, but if you are bringing your own console, you’d best be careful not to have it stolen. There are some con attendants who are sticky-fingered dickheads.

Im glad you guys agree with me on this. It would be cool to have a bunch of people go up and say “We’d like to have the 3rd Strike tournament changed to PS2”, to show them that its not just one guy who wants to change things for his benefit. I know for a fact that the PS2 version is waay better, and I know people prefer it, and I just want to see things go fun and smooth.

I just can’t see myself going to cons anymore. For a fighting gamer like myself they’re more like a waste of time. More often than not you’ll just get a bunch of scrubs who don’t know how to play. Espeically since last year’s incedent at Katsucon where they’ve decided you can’t bring your own arcade sticks/systems to the event. You have to pay 60 bucks for 3 days only (can’t pay for just 1 day) and it’s way out in B.More. So basically…not going. Still trying to see if I can head over to S.Logan’s place. That sounds fun.

Otakon isnt like that though. And it states that you can bring your own controller and map the buttons to your liking…just no macros. As for the level of skill, I’ve seen some pretty decent folks, especially on Tekken 5.

Out of the 60 people average who enter 3s, ggxx, etc. I would say about 5 actually know how to play each game and all of them are regulars at other tourneys. In my opinion it is not worth it to go to any anime convention for the tournaments, but if you are going to the convention anyway it is worth entering the tourneys. Last year’s prizes were qcf.com joysticks, the winner for each game (3s, garou, ggxx#r) got one. I believe the same guy won 3s and garou so he actually got 2.

I agree, its not really wise to attend Otakon just for the tourneys. Its not on the same level as Evo, or some of the local tournaments. But I figured since your going anyway, why not make the best of it?

Yeah, don’t go to conventions for the tourns, but rather, go to the con and try out their tourns. As a fighting game enthusiast I agree that it’s not really worth going ato, but as a guy who’s gone to a bunch of cons before, I’m certainly looking forward to it. 2nd biggest con next to Anime Expo, so hey gotta get hyped if you’re interested.

Couldnt have said it better myself! I am also amped, this is my 6th year going. Now theres just a matter of fixing this 3rd Strike business. Thinking on it, a simple console switch shouldnt disrupt things too much. I hope they are willing to reason because something has to be done.

Yeah that’s the point…outside of the games I don’t really have an interest for going to these things. I don’t really watch anime much and I can’t say I would love to dress up as a video game character…yet. :lol:

If there’s an average of 60 per game that sounds comparable to a lot of tournaments. I don’t understand why it would not be worth going to, can someone enlighten me.

Firstly if you are into japan it’s a single elim event =P. Secondly if you don’t win here, you weren’t going to win at a tourney with better players anyway, so it’s only possible for the tournament to be ‘beneath’ the winners level, aka one person.

Of course i’m not saying to fly cross country to go or anything, but if your going to be in the area or wanted to go anyway it doesn’t seem like a bad idea if the alternative would just be to watch tv at home… what am i missing?

FMJ speaks the truth. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion about Otakon and its tournaments.

Also good news, someone from Otakon contacted us and said if we bring 3 copies of the game they will be more than willing to change to PS2, we just have to deliver it to them friday morning. We already have the 3 copies so everything should be good to go.

EDIT- The full rules for the tournaments are up on the site and its official. 3rd Strike is listed as PS2


Because for 55 of them this will be their second time playing the game.

Lol @ T5.

Sorry, but Rugal B. and I ran through that whole tourney in like, 30 minutes at most. It was just one big rape party for us.

Look the point that I was trying to make is that the tournaments there are worth while if you are attending and like to game, if you dont think so then thats on you. What you define as a decent player is entirely up to you as well. Whoever is coming to the con, I hope to see you all there. :wgrin: