Otakon 2010 (July 30th-August 1st) - PLEASE no fist fights in the gameroom, thanks

It’s that time of year again folks… and it’s like two weeks after EVO weekend, so I should see more of ya’ll than I did last year. I think this is like the first time in three years that Otakon didn’t clash with EVO.

Like I said in the thread last year, as long as you know who NOT to hang with (example) you’ll have a good time here.

I personally haven’t watched an anime in years, but I still go to the cons whenever I can. It’s a generally really fun atmosphere to be in, and a great place to meet fun new people. Also if you’re a bboy, there are some pretty tite cats from around the area that come out and session literally all weekend.

Otakon is also perfect for shenanigans w/ friends and *lots and lots of drinking. :tup:

Highlights from last year (that I can remember, haahah):

  • Apparently niggas fist fought over SFIV in the game room. Two times.
  • On Sunday, someone started [media=youtube]4qDH7x2VaGA&feature=channel_page"[/media] that got him ejected from the BCC
  • Baltimore hood natives kicking nerds off of a Naruto game for the gamecube for hours at a time
  • Baltimore seafood restaurants (although expensive)
  • Rave
  • Among many, many others that I cannot remember due to alcohol. ;|

Will maxx bring his Massachusetts crew down to the DMV and wreck everyone FRAYYYY in bboy battles? Will VSlash actually win against elitist otaku **** in Sengoku Basara casuals? Will the androgynous crossdresser from 4 years ago return to Otakon to rematch us in 3S? Will people keep the street fighting… in the game this year? :rofl:

Hope you all can make it out. Will be good times.

First timers:

For those interested, yet are contemplating attending/if it will be your first con/aren’t big on anime, it’ll be worth your while if you’re a social person who just loves to have a lot of fun. The majority of the people who attend the larger scaled conventions like Otakon and AX are usually casual fans who are just looking for a good time every year.

Otakon: Welcome To Otakon
1 West Pratt Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21201
Hotel Information
Newbie Guide
Register before Saturday, July 3rd to get the $65.00 price. After that, you can still pre-register online until July 16th @ the at-the-door price of $75.00.

I’m considering going… I went to Katsukon for a SSFIV tournament but I didn’t really hang around enough to see the effects of alcohol on the more attractive cosplay females.

ahah there were actual fights over the game?

also there are going to be some professional bboys like you said. they are supposed to teach the cosplayers at the rave

Do you go to both Evo and Otakon?

I dunno if I can make it this year. Being jobless and that price hike for both pre reg and regular reg hurts. I’m gonna try still but I wouldn’t count on it.

I didn’t know niggas fought over SF4 last year lol. Maybe that’s cause I was too busy laughing at how long the BB lines were compared to everything else along with them not being on the big screen.

Yeah, $65.00 is a lot to throw down to play fighting games with people I already see in a terrible-smelling convention center.

me and my boy wanna go but we got no rooms lol.

This is stupid. Evo and otakon were the same weekend the last two years now they’re not and i still can’t make Evo. Was stallked at last years otakon, stalker will be returning this year so I’m sitting Otakon out too.

Stalker? Sounds like a interesting story.

I like how it says “NO HIDING” above your avatar, and you’re hiding from Otakon stalker :slight_smile:

Mind as well tell us the story. :lol: I agree Otakon has gotten too expensive. I might go but on that saturday. If I can get a hook-up then I’ll go friday and saturday. Can someone tell my why girls who are cute that go to Otakon are underage and the legal ones look like cross dressers…oh wait…

Long story short, my ex is crazy

I actually wrote the full version of that story then deleted it and wrote and abreviated version then deleted that. Theres way too many people around here on SRK. Leading to an irrate phone call before the end of the day.

Damn. can you get in trouble smacking someone if they are stalking you? I still say Otakon should move to the D.C. convention center. I remember a couple of years ago Otakon was the same weekend as an Orioles-Yankees game and downtown was flooded. :wasted: I was almost in three accidents within a block. :bluu:

65 isn’t that much for a weekend. But I have other reasons for not wanting to go. Even though I MIGHT come up for a day to chill with my friends

I think I was there for that. My friends ex was trying to find us and she went out wearing her cosplay outfit with a short skirt and got way too much attention and ran back inside.

I don’t think I have been to Otakon in 3 years. I mostly go for games but have been going to magfest cause its cheaper and longer. Except the gameroom at Otakon is much bigger.

I don’t know why I find this funny. :lol: B-more natives will do that to a person. Was she somewhat tall, nice body, and white? Because I remember a girl like that that everyone was “gawking” at.

She was skinny,black with a long blue wig,cat ears and spiked collar.
Someone dressed as Morrigan caused a lot of gawking indoors. I think she posed in like the middle of a hallway which caused a lot of traffic cause most people were stopping to take pictures.

Oh. I remember the Morrigan chick.

I wish I could, but I don’t have much money to throw around this summer (saving for a trip to Korea -soon-).

Plus I don’t feel like I’m close to well prepared for EVO. One of the main reasons to go to EVO (for me at least) is to level up and win shit. I don’t even think I could make it out of pools.

Next year I’ll be attending both tho.

@maxx: dawg there are like three hotels within walking distance w. rooms still available. hop on it fam