Otakon results

I’m not really sure about the full results but I know my man Takumix took 3rd Strike and Garou: MoTW.

However, for those who weren’t there you missed an amazing moment where Burningfist Just Defended THE WHOLE FSCKING THING of Hotaru’s P-Power beatdown ( I don’t know if it was Soushou Tenrenge or Tenshou Ranki, it was the one that’s not the orgasm one ). It was utterly brilliant, and semi-reminiscent of that other famous moment involving some Beast being unleashed or something like that.

Big ups to both players and thanks for the memories. Also big ups to Quarter Circle Forward, their sticks are dope.

Shout out to Sorwah from DOACentral for showing me that sick stuff in 3.1, too. Your Bass is the illest, I gotta find that mook and step my game up.

Also, I’d love to big up everybody I played casual in Project Justice, why they put it next to Naruto 3 so it could get even less love than it deserves is beyond me. ( My Roberto is the sickest :badboy: )

A cautionary warning:

Baltimore is not the only area of MD with skilled players. There is a group of individuals about to emerge from the underground with stunning abilities and stand face to face with destiny. You have been warned.

Hey big props to QCF for being really awesome people, I didn’t even know any sort of prize was on the line so I wish I would have taken the 3S tournament a bit more serious. Then again I apparently played the guy who won it in the 2nd round of bracket and it was a really close match, but in the second round I was up 1 and he was 0 I had him in the corner with my Dudley and some guy walked infront of the screen and I just lost all concentration and blew the entire match. I really wish Otakon staff understood how to run tournaments, and didnt put that stuff on X-Box and cram 64 people on 4 TVs. but I had fun none the less and was very glad to participate, and enjoyed the con very very much. Wish there was a CVS2 tournament beacause that is my game for sure, and I really enjoy playing that more…but what can you say? It was a con and those people never really know what they are doing. The best part was when 1 of the runners tried to tell me that the PS2 version of 3S is missing frames, and that the X-Box version is better, I calmly told him that the PS2 is arcade perfect and the Xcrap version is highly regarded as being faulty. but he assured me that he had the arcade perfect at home, so i just walked away from him before i said anything mean beacause he had the authority over me. but he was definately a moron, oh well! For future reference I was the long haired kid in the Mindless Self Indulgence shirt. Thanks to everyone who came out, and to everyone for being pissed at Xbox! Hopefully next year they get wise to this shit! Cya later! :karate:

to my knowledge the only arcade perfect 3s is the arcade version

Well, PS2 is atleast widely accepted as the closest to arcade perfect, hence it is the console of choice for every 3S tournament.

PS2 is more accepted because a ton of kids bought the console for cookie cutter rpg games before xbox even came out =P.

There are no differences that i know of between xbox and ps2 3s, if there are any documented examples let me know, as it could affect future tournaments.

There are differences.

Both the PS2/Xbox versions are closer to arcade perfect than the Dreamcast version but neither version truly is arcade perfect. There are little things here and there (including a slight change in game speed in both games) like glitches and what not, that were either removed from the arcade version and I think even a couple new ones have been added. They’re both close (and people have their opinions on which is better) but either way you go you’ll have a version of the game that’s much closer to arcade perfect than the crap DC version ever was.

It was nice to meet so many of you at the con. Also thanks for the shout-out cricket_egg and lung:)

There were a lot of great players, and the matches were fun to watch. Congrats to the winners! You did an awesome job.

Hopefully next year they’ll not have it on Xbox so even more people will show up and support the event/scene.

I had no idea what the date was or i’d have been there takin 3S and Halo.

nasci, the biggest props to you guys over at qcf, the custom arcade sticks you all offered up as prizes had alot of people motivated to win. I fell just short in the 3S tourney, but I hope you guys can do this again at next year’s Otakon :tup:

Disappointing the lack of love for Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure, though. I’d have cleaned house in the game if they’d thrown it in. Some fun competition in Last Blade, though, and the inclusion of Tech Romancer was a nice touch. Shit, though, watching Takumix walk around with both the sticks he won was funny as hell, given how small that guy is.

Yeah I really hope he (Takumix) keeps our stick over the Street Fighter Annv stick:) I gave him my card and offered to keep it in good shape for him if it is ever in need of repair or anything like that.

Don’t know about Jojo’s Adventure, but if there would have been a Twinkle Star Sprites tourny… I would have been all over that.

ramza34 - thanks. It was really cool to meet people from the forum and to try to up the prizes a little. We are already planning on doing it again at the next Otakon. Also, we would happy to support some other local tournaments as well inbetween… if someone would just have one:)

Yeah, I’m surprised my man Kiken wasn’t there to see the love for shmups! I was surprised they had the GC Shikigami No Shiro there, if only more people could have seen me abusing the Kotaro Shiki move… but yeah, Ikaruga and TSS were there which was awesome, no tourney though…but yeah, I’ve talked to Kiken about doing a Senko No Ronde tournament or just a big general event for shmups so if SNR gets a US release we might throw one together…good to see shmups and fighters all getting along. :tup: :tup:

BTW, cricket_egg, 'cause of the lack of the new KoF games at Otakon, I picked up Re-Bout and Neowave for myself. Should be here in a week or so. Just thought you’d like to know. :B

You sick bastard.

I was wondering the whole time what roadblock they must’ve run into while trying to get NGBC…

And no Neowave or Rebout at the con…:lame:

Neowave! Right on. I’ll play yah:)

I might do something tourney-like with it at some point, but I’m only getting one copy of each, so I dunno. If you want to hang out for some casuals, that’d be sauce, though.

The Otakon tournament was good, I enjoyed myself alot even tho I was bumbed in the quarters. And Neil I hope you do come to the con next year with even better sticks then before. It was something to shoot for…

I certainly will. Maybe next year I could do personalized sitcks or something? Like with Street Fighter or Guilty Gear art or something.

You guys did a great job of running the tourneys. They were very organized and ran very smoothly. My only suggestion would be to make them double elimination and/or best two out of three matches